Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekend in Review

Friday, one of my best friends, Stacy, was celebrating her 30th b-day! What greater way to celebrate turning to the BIG 3-0, than throw her a surprise b-day party!!! Welcome to the club, Stace! Love you !! :)

Me, Stacy, and Shannon


While Conn and I were at the party, the girls and Cash, were having their own little shindig at Mammy and Pappy's, with 3 of their other cousins! Talk about a PAR-TAY!! WOW!!

Dressing up is always a must!!

Yes, this boy can down a corn dog like nobody's business. He just hands back the stick when he is done! HA!

Corn dogs and nachos....Mmmmmm.....

I LOVE my Pappy!

Then, they made Valentine cookies!

Carson and Lily

Yes, he IS my child!!! HA!


Look how serious she is!

Love my Lily Belle!!

Oh, and Lily pulled her 2nd tooth while at their house!!

Pappy made the coolest I heard.

Love these "day after" pictures that my mom took. HA!

The path of destruction!

Thanks, Mammy and Pappy!! The girls (and Cash) had a blast!!! :)


On Saturday, my friend Missy, had a Valentine Bake Day! Oh my goodness, I can not even begin to describe how much FUN this was!! She is a kindergarten teacher...need I say more?! It was awesome! Everything was SO organized and SO well thought out! WOW!!

The walls around her kitchen table, are painted with chalkboard paint! She had the menu written on the wall! So cool!!

Some of the baking stations....

Callie and I were in charge of the Oreo Balls...

.....and, The Motherload of all Cookie Cakes. You should have seen the mess that the two of us made. I'm pretty sure that Missy, will be finding flour and sugar in her kitchen years from now!
Kristin, Me, Callie, Missy

Here is the chocolate covered strawberries and pretzels, station. Amanda, Lindsee, Heather, and Kristy worked very hard on these. They looked fantastic!!Heather and Lindsee

Working hard

Amanda and Kristy

Look at all that yummy goodness!!!

Katrina and Kristy were in charge of these fabulous miniature cupcakes! Oh my word, they were so good and so adorable! These were also Conn's favorite! :)
Katrina, Heather, Missy, Kristy

Aren't they precious?

Missy, also had plates, baggies, and valentine boxes, for us to carry all of our goodies home in. I am telling you, she thought of it ALL!!

The whole baking gang...minus a few that had to sneak away early.
Amanda, Lindsee, Callie, Missy, Me, Katrina, Kristin, Kristy

Thank you for planning and organizing all of this, Missy. It was such a fun, fun day!

Hope you all have an amazing week!! :)


The Barfuss Family said...

The mini cupcakes are my favorite too!!!! Loved hanging out with you again!

Lacey said...

ARe her walls chalkboard in the kitchen. It does look like a fun valentine's baking party. What a fun idea. And it was fun hanging with you at stacy's...even if I couldn't pull of the suprise like I was hoping....oh well.

Jennifer said...

I love those chalkboard walls! Those are too fun!

Hattie said...

I love the dress up pic of the little girls. Too cute! Looks like a great baking party. Great idea!

Lindsee said...

I'm just loving all these get together fun times! Loved getting to hang out with you fabulous ladies again! Can't wait to see what the next one has in store. Hope you have a fabulous week!

P.S. I'm stealing some of your pictures!

stacy said...

I was definitely surprised. If I knew there was going to be a party I would have washed my hair. I know that's gross, but straightening curly hair everyday would be a bit annoying. Thanks for letting me join your club.

Heather said...

I love your pictures Ashley! So fun and I am so glad that I got to see you, even if it was only for a little bit! Let's get together soon, glad you had a great weekend!

Russ and Kristin said...

LOVED meeting you Ashley! Hope the girls loved their treat bags!

Rusty and Jennifer said...

Such a fun idea for a party! Looks like you guys had a great time!

It's so funny to see blogworld friends getting together with my real life friends. Such a crazy small world!

Callie looks so great! Can't wait to see those baby girls!

parsonsfamily said...

such a fun idea...makes me hungry just thinking about it....I'm off to bake a cake.

Goska said...

chocolate favourite:)

Julie Marler (Mammy) said...

Looks like it was a FUN weekend for everyone! Loved all the baking! And of course my babies are the cutest things ever!!

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog and seeing all the great pictures of your beautiful family. I just want to know why Julie (Mammy) isn't ever in the pictures. You're a beautiful woman Julie, dont' be afraid to show yourself to us!
Connie McCain