Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Last week was my dad's birthday. He is loved by me and everyone else. Like...a whole, whole lot! The girls and I made him a cake. Because, nothing says "Happy Birthday" like a homemade cake with orange icing, sprinkles, chocolate chips and a candle. :)
We love us some Pappy!

Right now in Texas, the mornings are cool and the afternoons are pretty warm. It makes picking out my kiddos clothes quite difficult. But, I am still going to pull out the Fall clothes little by little. I love Fall clothes!

This past weekend, we hit up a local pumpkin patch. It was very last minute and totally not planned. Sometimes, those are the best adventures! The weather was great and the kids had a ball! More pictures to come.

Cousin Camille spent the night with us this weekend. This was the girls first official sleep over at our house. There was a lot of coloring, crafting, cookie decorating, dressing up, dancing and singing. I am pretty sure that a lot of fun was had by 3 little girls! We are so blessed to have most of our cousins live so close.

On the weekends, we attend our Saturday night church service. I love the thought of taking the kids to the traditional Sunday services, but with Conn in the ministry and having to be at all of the services, this is what works best for our family right now. When I go to the Saturday service, I might get the chance to sit with him...most of the time. :)

So, on Sundays, while daddy is doing his church duties, the kids and I stay home. This is the day that I get caught up on all my laundry and try to get stuff in order for the coming week. We hardly ever get out of our pajamas and the house usually looks like a bomb went off. The girls are always caught up in some game of make believe that involves the entire house or Cash has drug out every last book and toy of his onto the living room floor.

Anyway...all that being said, if you stop by our home on a Sunday, you will see the real life McWhorter's in all it's glory! Ha!

So, this Sunday, we had some surprise visitors. Some super, duper surprise visitors! If you have read this blog for any length of time, then you have heard all about the wonderful Mrs. Janet and her family. Well, part of that family, includes 2 daughters...Lindsay and Molly. They all surprised us on Sunday afternoon. YES..we were all in our pj's and there was laundry all over the couches.

Over the past couple of years, Lindsay and I have become the greatest of friends. She just recently left us and moved to Austin to teach 7th grade English. We are so sad, but so, so happy for her! I miss her. Like, a lot! She is so stinking funny and so stinking real about stuff. I love that! We didn't get any pictures on Sunday. So, these are from this past summer. During the summer, we would meet for dinner at least once a week. Her hair is a completely different color now. That's what Austin does to you...so I've heard. ;)

Thanks for stopping by!
It's gonna be a beautiful week!
I've gotta feeling! ;)


Wendy McWhorter said...

Camille had so much fun!

Julie Marler (Mammy) said...

Love the pics! Love Lily's face/pose on the fireplace with the other girls! Love Lindsay (and miss her too!) and of course I LOVE PAPPY! (love all the puffy cheeks blowing out the candles!!)
Love, Mammy

Janet said...

It was so much fun seeing you on Sunday. I have to say that your house looked wonderful, even with all those little ones running around.And, you still had fresh cookies - unbelievable. We all love the McWhorters so much! Let's go to Austin soon!

Connie McWhorter said...

So glad the girls got to have their sleepover. What fun! Nanny and Paw Paw are really looking forward to a great week, as well. We're going to love up on those grandbabies!
Love, Nanny

Anonymous said...

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