Friday, August 20, 2010

Ready or Not

It's that time! Time when summer is coming to an end and we are just about done! Done with traveling! Done with camps! Done with this insane Houston heat! Done with t.v.! Done with each other...kidding...ummmm, kind of. :) I love my babies oh-so much, but we are D.O.N.E!

It's that time when we are counting down the days for school to start!

We have purchased the back packs, the lunch boxes, the nap mats, the school supplies. You name it, it has been checked off the list!

We are ready! Bring it on!

The girls were SO excited to do a fashion show for daddy to show off their new school clothes! We had music, a catwalk, poses and everything! It was awesome! Ha!

Cash, has no idea that he is starting MDO and will be going one day a week. But, I know that he'll love it! :) Here he is showing off his gear! Yes, he has clothes, too! :)

Lily, had meet the teacher tonight and we are SO blessed once again with an amazing teacher! 1st grade is going to be an awesome year for my girl!

Maggie, doesn't start school for another week and a half, but she is already counting down the days. I can't believe that this will be her last year of pre-school! Wow!

We are ready! Are you? :)


debra said...

middle school here we come.

wow, that is just crazy!

Kelli said...

I love the fashion show pictures!!!! Back to school is so much fun!!!

Lacey said...

Love the fashion show!!! So cute. IT IS going to be great year! We are so lucky to be at such a good school!! Wish we were in the same class again but I am sure we will still see each other cruising the halls and at all the events. Ready or not, here they go!

And Could Cash get any cuter with that big ol' backpack?? ADORABLE!

Sara said...

We, too, are SO READY for school to start! Even though she'll only go to pre-k two days a week, we BOTH can't wait for it to start! Summers are LONG! HA!:)

amanda said...

hi ashley!
thank you so much for your sweet message. it was so nice getting hang out with you guys!
what a beautiful family you have!!! they're all just gorgeous! i'd love to have the little guys meet and play (and even the girls)...wally could use some non-girl influence. ;) clara starts school on monday so our schedule will be wide open. let me know if you have any free days. hope to see you again soon. ;)

Jennifer said...

Too fun! And where did you find those cards? I need to get one of those for my little one that is starting PK next week.

Janet said...

Oh, those sweet babies are growing up so fast! They are just precious. I love Cash in his backpack and nothing else - too cute.

Heather said...

Cute, cute pics!! What adorable little models you have!! They will do great in school!

annalee said...

the fashion show is the best idea ever!!!
what cuties!