Thursday, August 12, 2010


I always
pop my knuckles.
drink a diet coke first thing in the morning.
dream about a new house.
laugh at my husband.
check on my children before I go to bed.
crave sugar.
watch HGTV.

I sometimes
wear pajamas all day.
like to be alone.
eat Mexican food multiple times during the week.
do cartwheels in my living room.
go a whole day without using the bathroom.
want another child.
go a couple of days without taking a shower (but, I wash my face every night)

I never
eat cooked broccoli.
get tired of traveling.
go to bed before 1am.
sit while eating a meal (at home).
expected my life to be this blessed.
get tired of planning parties.
wear heels.

What about you?
(inspired by Annalee)


Our Life Together said...

How fun! I like this a lot. Interesting. Might do myself.

Jennifer said...

So fun! I stole the idea from Annalee yesterday also!

Connie McWhorter said...

It's amazing the things I learn from you on your blog. Love you, sweetie!

Tanni said...

Love it---we have many things in common!!! :)

debra said...

i did this on my blog too.

we share annalee love.