Sunday, August 29, 2010

Around Here

Lily...finished up her first week of school. She loves everything about it! She has already made some new friends in her class, and loves seeing her old classmates out on the playground. We have entered the stage of chasing boys while at recess! I get to hear about that everyday when she gets home. Oh, dear! :) Also, who knew that a week in 1st grade, could suddenly make you so sassy? Hmmmm.....We will be working a lot on that! HA! Oh, and she was super excited, because this weekend at church in her class, there were two kids from her class at school. She thought that was very cool!

When Lily gets home after school, Cash and Maggie are usually waking up from the naps. This is pretty much the first thing Cash does when he sees Lily. They ADORE each other!

Maggie...starts school this week! She is beyond excited and asks everyday if today is the day! Since Lily has started school, she and Cash, pretty much spend all day playing. They do great together. I love that my girls love their baby brother! I know it won't always be this way. For this moment, I will treasure it!

Oh, and Maggie has finally started taking ballet, tap and jazz! She has been asking me to sign her up for FOREVER! Parents don't get to watch, but I am pretty sure that she loved it! We are taking a break from gymnastics for a while and are going to give this a try. We'll see how it goes.

Cash...finally had his 15 month check up. 15 months? Yes, 15 months! HA! If you are wondering, he will be 21 months on the 1st. :) We are just a little behind. Oh, well! :) He weighs 31.5 lbs (90%) and is 35 in. tall (90%). Our pediatrician kept looking at Conn and I and saying, "Oh, goodness. You sure do have your hands full. Is he always this active (as Cash was jumping off the exam table!)? HAHA! The answer is, YES! ALWAYS!! The boy is non-stop! Like, never stops! My dad calls him Dennis the Menace! :) Thankfully, he does sleep a good 13-14 hrs. at night and takes a good 3 hr. nap during the day. He is beyond precious and is a really good baby, for the most part.

Cash has learned to do so many new and some what crazy/dangerous things. It makes us nervous, but it also makes us laugh! He wants to copy every thing we or the girls do. We let him do these things because we want him to learn how to do things correctly, so that he won't get hurt when he tries it again. Conn and I both want him to be a BOY and to play like a BOY! So, we don't hold him back from much. No, we don't let him run out in the middle of the street. Although, he has tried it! :)

Here is some of what this crazy boy does at 20 1/2 months...
Can jump with both feet in the air...precious
Love shoes...even his sisters dress-up ones
Unlocks the front door and opens it (yes, he got in trouble for that)
Throws huge fits when he doesn't get his way
Kicks a ball and can throw it correctly
Will only eat with a fork and/or a spoon
Loves to color
Loves books
Loves Elmo
Plays upstairs in the playroom by himself
Talks a lot
Counts to 10
Says his ABC's (only momma can understand the letters) :)
Sings tons of songs
Not a big eater (Yes, I know he is off the charts. No idea where that comes from)
He runs! He does not walk!
Has taught himself how to ride the girls scooter. He does laps around the house.
and, so many other things that I can't think of right now. :)

This weekend has been pretty low key. Conn's parents came over on Friday night. We went to eat with them and then came back to the house for dessert. They just got back from Hawaii last week, and had the cutest gifts for everyone. Yesterday, we ran errands, had lunch with my parents, took naps, and then went to church last night. Conn has been working some extra long hours at church this weekend, so the kids and I have been hanging at the house. I have finished up all of the laundry and am trying to get everything ready for a brand new week. The girls have been playing hours of dress-up and make believe and Cash just kind of follows right along with whatever they are doing. :) I think that is about it for what is going on in the McWhorter casa!

Hope you all had a blessed weekend! Here's to a new week! We'll see ya soon!


Julie Marler (Mammy) said...

Love these babies! Growing up way too fast! Guess it's time for another one!!!! And yes, this Mammy understands every word that sweet baby Cash sings!! And I must say I do love it!

Amy said...

I think Brennan and Cash wear the same size...just a year and a half a part! He is a mess, a VERY cute mess! Love all those pictures.

Connie McWhorter said...

Sounds like a GREAT weekend to me. I really don't see how you all keep up with Cash. What a precious "little guy"! Maggie in her tutu blesses my heart in ways you'll never know. I love it! Love you all, Nanny

Julie Marler (Mammy) said...

Meant to remind you that you were born when Dustin was Cash's age! Now imagine you having a new baby with all his shenanigans! And Dustin was just like Cash - just not so LOUD! ha!

Kiki said...

I love that Cash is 31 lbs. and is in 95% and you say he doesn't eat a lot!

Cash and Levi would be quite the pair!

Lacey said...

Maggies stance in the last picture- looks totally like a future dancer. Love all the pictures. Love that little crazy boy too!! Non of my kids have a sense of fear so I completely understand how he is keeping you on your toes. And I just especially love seeing the sibbling bond they all three have. The picture of Lily on the car, Maggie inside and cash pushing...just precious. Sweet little family!!

Ashley Fisher :) said...

I just stumbled upon your blog and it is so cute and your children are just precious. I am also a minister's wife and I have two little girls that are 14 months apart. I was wondering how far apart all your children are?

Beth@Not a Bow in Sight said...

I love that your kids adore each other. My two oldest are like that. They were so sad when one went off to school last week leaving the other at home with his little brother.

Cash is soooo cute! I could just eat him up :)