Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Crazies

I have so many things to post about and so much to catch up on. You would think we were a little busy around here or something. :)

The week of Christmas was so wonderful and such a blur all at the same time. Between parties, numerous Christmas Eve services, family get-together's, and a little family time, we are slowly recouping and trying to get the house back in order. Our lives, on the other hand, may take a couple of months. :) Conn keeps saying that our motto for the new year is:

"Feeling Fine in '09!"
Forget about, "Looking Fine in '09!" HAHAHAHA!!! :)

We have definitely been living on auto pilot around here. Cash has proven not to be a huge sleeper. We are averaging about 3hrs. of sleep during the night. I try to do it all on my own and let Conn get his sleep, but there are some nights I just can't take it anymore. The emotions set in, and the crying begins (for me..not Cash). Conn has been great and has taken over quite a bit. We have tried EVERY trick that we know. Being the third baby, we are not opposed to trying anything for a couple of hours of sleep. But, nothing seems to work. Cash is a SUPER sweet and EASY baby, so when he is awake, he just likes to be awake. No crying or fussing, just hanging out and looking around. So, it is really hard to get frustrated with him. We keep telling ourselves that hopefully this will get better around 6 weeks. We shall see!

Anyway, here are some pics of our week full of Christmas Crazies!!!

Christmas Eve

Santa working some late hours
Santa got hungry and even left a letter
Ready for the morning
Christmas Morning
Lily's talking Sleeping Beauty vanity table
Daddy reading Santa's letter
Maggie's new "girly" Radio Flyer tricycle
1st Christmas
Watching Barbie's Diamond Castle

Marler Family Christmas
Both of our families live really close, so we are able to get together with both of them for almost all of the holidays. It is such a blessing that we don't have to worry about rotating years and such.

We went over to my parents house on Christmas day. With 8 adults and 8 kiddos, there is never a dull moment when we all get together. Mom and dad have a brand new house, so it was neat to have all new experiences this Christmas. They have an amazing game room upstairs that had been stocked full of fun things. The kids love it...and so do we!

kids table
Pappy and Maggie
Campbell Britt
Waiting to open presents
Cash...and his tongue! :)
Campbell in the girls playroom. See the oh-so fun stage in the background?! :)
Pappy reading the Christmas Story
Cade and Cole got their very own guns. Looks like Conn has hunting buddies, now!

Lily and her Princess Leggo's
All the girls got matching nightgowns

Marler Christmas Pics

We have our "Annual Marler Christmas Picture Taking Time", every year at Christmas. It becomes crazier and crazier every year...with all of these kids that we keep adding. :) My mom threatens to put a stop to the pictures, but we still seem to do them and somehow make it somewhat fun.

McWhorter Family Christmas
We celebrated with Conn's family on the 26th. We had such a great, relaxing time with all of his family. The girls are at a great age where they all get along so well and play great together. We all received some wonderful gifts. But, the gift we are soooooo excited about, is baby Max, our nephew, that is coming in February!!! I cannot wait to watch he and Cash grow up together.

Daddy and his girls

Kap and Camille

"Happy Birthday, Jesus!"
Waiting to open presents

This is a picture of the girls, in their tutu's, that was taken on our family beach trip this summer. We had it blown up on a canvas for Conn's parent's.

Maggie got her own stool from Nanny and PawPaw
Lily LOVES nightgowns

Maggie's stash

Conn's brother's family

Reading a book with Great Grandmommy (Conn's grandmother)

Stocking time

Random photos from other Christmas parties!

This one just makes me laugh. Talk about DELIRIOUS!!!! :)

Lily, Cade, and Cole hanging by the fire

Hope you all had a blessed Christmas!!!


Janet said...

Call us anytime you want someone to come hold that baby so you can take a long nap! We will try not to be too loud when we fight over who gets to hold him next.
Love you,
The Shermans

Julie Marler said...

Your pictures just make me tired looking at them! Oh wait...that's right, we were there most of the time!!he!he!
You gotta slow down and get some rest! You're about to be 30 and you will start feeling that old age creeping up on ya!
Love you Much! Mammy

Rhonda said...

Your pictures are precious!! I love the ones of your entire family!

Audrey said...

Here is what worked for my baby boy when he was a newborn: first, he needed a bottle at bedtime only- to top him off and he slept great. Secondly, he slept in a swing in my room every night! When he was a few months old, we moved him to my closet because I was too chicken to put him upstairs. He also slept wrapped tight in a miracle blanket (get online). I am under the moto that it is okay to do what works, whatever that is. At 6 months we moved him to his bed and he made the transition perfect! Good luck with baby Cash!

Lindsay said...

The Miracle Blanket worked like a charm for my little wiggly, night owl. Hang in there!

Lacey said...

Looks like you guys have had a busy few weeks like us= but your on no sleep. :P Have you tried letting him stay in bed with you??'s survival mode and that is how I got all my kids to sleep. When he wakes up just nurse him back to sleep. You need your sleep momma....

Happy New YEAR!

Erica Burleson said...

It is so wonderful to see your family growing!! I know yall will have a wonderful year!! Just think, you'll be sleeping better this time next year!!! hopefully Happy New Year