Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dance Day

Lily takes ballet and tap one day a week. She LOVES it!!! Don't know yet if it will be a chosen career for her, but for now, we think she is the greatest dancer around. :)
Parents are never allowed to watch the classes. But, on this particular Monday, her teacher had a special parents viewing day. Conn and I were so surprised at how well all the girls did. They never even payed attention to all the onlookers. There were no break downs and the class was so structured for a bunch of 4 year olds. This momma was very impressed.
Anyway, here are some pictures. We have tons of video...that was taken on our brand new video camera...that was bought to video Cash's birth...that we didn't even get to use...but that is a whole other story...and I have no idea how to even begin loading video's on here...so for now...pictures is what you get. :)

and...just for grins!


Jaclyn said...

this is so precious!!!! It makes me excited to think that one day miss Grace Parker can be a ballerina too :) Good timing because I have been going through this total sadness that my baby is getting so big....good to remember all the fun things I have to look forward too :)
She is the most beautiful ballerina in the room....daddy better watch out!
I got your sweet Christmas card and it just made my day. Thank you!!!

Julie Marler said...

Beautiful Ballerina!! And Snazzy Jazzy Tapper! Precious pictures that you will cherish forever!