Monday, July 7, 2008


Dinner at Landry's - $50 gift card
2 Movie Tickets to see "Hancock" - $25 gift card
Babysitter- $50 (no gift card)
5 hours of ALONE time with my husband - PRICELESS!


Amy said...

Yes, that is priceless!

Amanda said...

awww... I love date nights!

Jenni said...

Hey girl, I love seeing what you are up to. How are you feeling? Lets meet at Alden Bridge Pool sometime!
Hugs to the family!

Rusty and Jennifer said...

So glad you got a night out with your man!
We need to do Ghengis Grill soon!

Sarah S said...

Hey i'll babysit for free! Save your $50 and send them to my house!! I'm glad you and Conn had a date night!!