Saturday, July 19, 2008

JB Barnett

JB is a great friend of ours, and just released this album on itunes. Show some love, and go check it out. We know you will love it (him) as much as we do!!


Kathryn said...

Oooo yes, it IS great!!! He called a few days ago. I listened to the whole thing online. Get it everyone!

Tara Powell said...

love the new countdown for Cash. Too cute!

Julie Marler said...

I will be listening to JB today cause he is my fave right now - for sure! Well, next to Jason Castro!! hee!hee!
Love the baby countdown!!!

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Anonymous said...

hey there! had to write to let you know i have been stealing ideas from your blog b/c it's so darn cute! i now have a cute background and a playlist! love it! oh, and hope you don't mind that i added you as a blogging friend! jb's album! gonna have to have it!