Sunday, July 27, 2008

Half-Way Point

Week 20
  • You're half way there!
  • The rapid growth stage is about over. While things have slowed down, this next stage is vital to survival.
  • The baby's heart grows stronger. Find a quiet place, lay flat on your back. Locate your own heartbeat by finding your pulse. Next lay your hand on your belly. You may be able to distinguish the two heartbeats!
  • His legs are reaching their relative size. With the increase muscle develop occurring as well, you will start feeling much more than tiny flutter kicks soon!
  • Immunities are being transferred from you to your baby now. These immune cells will protect her from viruses you've already had for up to six months after birth!
  • The nerve cells for taste, smell, hearing, seeing, and touch are now developing in specialized areas of the brain. Production slows down as existing nerve cells grow larger and make more complex connections.
  • Your baby may startle in reaction to loud sounds. Amazingly, she can actually hear noises outside of the womb. Familiar voices, music, and sounds that baby becomes accustomed to during her development stages often are calming after birth.
  • If your baby is a girl, her uterus is starting to develop. She has approximately six million eggs in her ovaries. About one million will remain at birth.
  • Baby is about 6.46 inches (16.4cm) and weighs around 10.58 ounces (300g).
20 weeks, click for larger view 3d ultrasound -- 20 weeks. Baby holding umbilical cord.


Jaclyn said...

you are adorable! i love belly pics!!!!!

Amanda said...

so precious!!! 20 weeks!! That's so great!

Callie said...

Cannot believe you are already 1/2 way there!!! Ok, when can we meet for dinner? I am so wanting to see you again!!

Rachel said...

Love the photo, you look great! I also like the new "blue" on your blog. You are going to have a lot more blue in your life!