Monday, April 2, 2012

On the Mend and Other Stuff

Rhett is finally well! It was a rough go for many days!

When he was sick, he ran a really high fever on an off for over a week and it caused him to break out in an awful rash.

We also had to visit the Dr. multiple times and even made a trip to the ER late one night.

We are SO happy and SO thankful that our baby is back to his happy, cheerful self!

The girls had a friend spend the night. When I woke up Sat. morning, Conn and all 3 girls were gone. This is the pic that was texted to me. Made me laugh that they're still in jammies (non-matching, of course) and that their hair is all a mess. Only with daddy. ;)

Look who's sitting all big and stuff!

Tues. and Thurs., the boys and I pretty much stay home all day. When Rhett is napping, Cash and I like to hang out together. This is where you'll usually find us chilling.

They are starting to play together a little. Makes me smile.

One of the many reasons I love having girls!
Early Sat. morning donut run...

Sweet baby has some teeth popping through. He loves him some popsicles!

When Rhett was sick, one of Conn's sweet assistants at work made dinner for us! So sweet!

I have recently started this. I'm on Day 3. Enough said!!

We had some Spring cleaning done on our backyard. They tore down the beloved playhouse. It has been truly loved for many years. But, was showing its wear and tear though.

This pretty much sums up our crazy life right now! Ha!


Janet said...

Oh,sweet Rhett! I am so glad he is finally feeling better. Your babies are all so precious. Love the breakfast pictures!I have a few like that of Molly and the girls.

emily said...

Poor Rhett. I'm glad he is feeling like himself again!

Nothing sweeter than daddy/daughter dates, even in mix-matched pj's!!

DeeDee said...

What a beautiful family you have!! So glad your little man is feeling better!

Kelli said...

Glad everyone is feeling better!

Your kiddos are DARLING as ever!

Miss you friend!

Kristen said...

Glad he is finally doing better :) He is too cute!