Monday, April 9, 2012

7 Months

This sweet boy is 7 months old!
He has had a rough couple of months of being sick. Everything from croup, bronchitis, and the flu. His nose still constantly runs and he has constant congestion and a croupy like cough. We are thinking he is most likely allergic to something he is eating. He is still nursing and just started on baby foods this month. So, who knows what it could be. We are looking at getting him tested sometime soon.
Even through all this sickness, he is still the happiest baby! He smiles at anything and everyone and has the greatest belly laugh! His first tooth popped through on the bottom and the top two are actually about to pop through any day now. He inchworm crawls all around the living room and loves to sit and play like a big boy.
He is pretty much sleeping through the night. On most nights, he goes to bed around 8 and sleeps anywhere from 5:30-7:30. He takes about 3 naps a day. Sometimes more. Sometimes less. Oh, and here is a major confession...he still sleeps in our room. HA! Yes! I know it's so crazy and we have been planning to move him for months. It's just with all of his sickness and waking up multiple times during the night, we refuse to go up and down the stairs all night long. Also, we still need to buy a 2nd monitor. Yeah, poor 4th kid! I know, I know! Oh, and just to be clear, he DOES NOT sleep in our bed! He never has. He sleeps in a pack-n-play and does awesome. We'll hopefully move him someday soon.
We have been to so many dr.'s appointments lately, that you would think I would know exactly how much he weighs. I'm thinking at the last one, it was 18lbs. 5oz. He is pretty much in all 9-12month clothing. He also still has the biggest baby blues!
We love this little man with all of our hearts!


Our Life Together said...

He is so stinkin' cute!!!!

Janet said...

That boy is too precious for words! I love him so much!

Julie Marler (Mammy) said...

Could just eat him up!!! Love that sweet boy!!