Sunday, November 21, 2010


The kids found some books out in the garage. No telling how they got out there. But, they made there way inside rather quickly. My little readers were loving them. It was almost as if we didn't have 10,000 other ones up in the playroom and in their bedrooms. Either way, it kept them entertained for quite sometime.


This little man turns 2 on the 1st!! He is my littlest love, but man-oh-man, is he about to do me in! His newest trick involves taking off his pj's and diaper while he is in his crib. Get the picture??? I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Either way...I love, love, love him!


During our 5 day trip to the Smoky Mountains, someone came up with the brilliant idea that we should continue to get together for dinner once a month. Somehow, the 21st of each month was chosen. Well, today was our first official Club 21, get together. Club 21, you ask? Well, this name was chosen tonight at dinner by none other than my awesome husband. If you have spent any amount of time with him, you know that he does an incredible impersonation of a dance club beat. It is pretty amazing, if I do say so myself. Anyway, since we meet on the 21st and he started doing this club beat while we were all sitting at the table, the name Club 21 was born.

We decided on Rico's, because kids eat free on Sunday nights. :) And, since we have 9 kids between us, we thought this might be a pretty smart decision.

We had them take a picture and the waiters thought we needed sombreros.

Where are Greg and Stacy's kids? Oh, those losers decided to leave their kids with the grandparents. Ha! But, by the end of dinner, I think we all declared them SMART!!! :)

Such a fun & LOUD night! Until next month...Club 21!

My little blessings are out of school for the next 5 days!
Pray for me! :)


Jessica Brooke Willis said...

Your little man sounds like mine! He was a master at undressing at 18 months and everytime I would leave him for a few minutes I would come back and he would be naked!

Wendy McWhorter said...

Hey are those books maybe for Maggie from Camille? We gave her all the dora books at some point and some of the others looked familiar. Y'all should stay Thursday night!

Audrey said...

Hi Ashley,
We went to Santa's Wonderland in College Station to see lights. It was fun, but far to drive. We go every year to Prestonwood neighborhood and it's free :) Not sure when they will have their lights up. Maybe a cool front will come soon!

Toni said...

Greg and Stacy have kids??