Tuesday, November 9, 2010

She's Got Talent

My oldest, Lily, has got some serious talent when it comes to anything dealing with art. We have known this for many years, but it is just now coming about full force. She loves everything about it! She craves it! She is passionate about it! No matter where we are or what we might be doing, she will find some sort of paper and something to write with and just start drawing away. It can be anything from the back of a receipt to paper from the printer. I love this!

You see, she comes by this love very naturally. Many of you may not know this, but...I too, love art. Between junior high and high school, I took it every single semester...every single year. That is a lot of art! Just like Lily, I craved it! I loved it! Then, in college, I took about 3 more years of it. It wasn't near as much fun, though. It became all about the history of art and I really had no interest in that. Ha! Also, my dad is an incredible artist, architect, and builder. It's amazing the things he can do.

Anyway, all of this to say, my girl loves her some art! I have been taking pictures of her work and have been documenting it for a while now. Some one once asked me if this is all her own work? Yes! This is completely all on her own! She is a perfectionist and works on her drawings for hours and sometimes even days until it is exactly how she wants. She never, ever traces! She told me once, "That would be cheating!" :) She will test crayon colors on a separate sheet of paper before making the final decision for her drawing. It is funny to watch her. It is also amazing to watch her. I mean, the girl is only 6!

This drawing is from this summer. We were at a restaurant and she drew this dolphin on her kids menu. Yes. I ripped it out and brought it home with us. :)

She drew this next one for her cousin Chloe...because she loves cats. :)
You know those grid pictures where you are supposed to copy and draw as accurately as possible to match the drawing from the book? Well, this is one from a Stawberry Shortcake coloring book. Amazing, huh?!

She drew this one just last week. It is a house with and outdoor living area. :) Think there is too much HGTV watching in our home? HA!

This is one that she drew to match the cover of her library book.

How about y'all?
Do you see any of your own gifts or passions coming out in your children?


stacy said...

WOW!!! I am impressed. She has some serious talent. As for my kids, Weston whines JUST like his mama. I'm so proud!

Ashley McWhorter said...

Stace! HAHAHAHA! Love you!

Lacey said...

She is GOOD!!! Definitely has a talent!! I am impressed!!

Tanni said...

Maybe she should give lessons in gerwick house? Gavin just barely started coloring in the lines in Kinder. Very sweet to see her talent....and that is has come from generations. :)

stacy---you crack me up!

Jaclyn said...

amazing! seriously....and i love that she tests her crayon colors on another page before she uses them. precious!!!

Sara said...

That is incredible! Sydney is 5 and is still figuring out how to stay inside the lines. She doesn't care for art at all, though - usually her pictures from school will have one little scribbly line and then she's done. She much prefers so socialize - just like her Momma! :)

Janet said...

Wow - I love it! That girl is so talented. Give that precious artist a hug from me. I love y'all.

Kathy Cubley said...

I see a very talented young lady! And she was given the perfect mama to encourage her....keep it up! Jonah was just chosen for a gifted program that will take him through high school and could be a scholarship to college, so like I said, keep it up!! (He will put me in the shade one day!) Love y'all!

Ashley Fisher :) said...

LOVE your new blog look!!!

Your daughter is an amazing artist!!!

Oh and I get the chicken club sandwich just chicken cheese and bread with baked lays and honey mustard!! Oh and half and half tea!! (I go there just for the honey mustard!!) What do you get?!?

Lindsay said...

From a mother with a 7 year old....that is REALLY amazing!

Connie McWhorter said...

God has truly gifted our Lily in the art field. Of course, we know that He has gifted all of our precious little cherubs!
Love you all, Nanny

Julie Marler (Mammy) said...

Everyone knows that she's a great artist now! Guess it's time to tell everyone about her amazing singing and dancing skills too!!! Yep, she is VERY gifted! Love her so much!!

Toni said...

Wow! Those drawings are awesome!