Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sweet Sixteen

For the past 10 years that Conn and I have been married, we have always watched March Madness, together. I am not a huge basketball fan, but I love that he loves it so much! I love that he gets so into it. I love watching him jumping and screaming for his teams and I love asking him about his bracket and who is in the lead amongst he and his friends.

So...what does this wife go and do? I surprised him with tickets to one of the Sweet Sixteen games that was going to be played at Reliant here in Houston! I had known for a while that they were going to be at Reliant, but I didn't know who was going to be playing. It really didn't matter, though, because I knew that he would be ecstatic no matter who was playing! Well, it just so happened to be Baylor vs. St Mary's. This was awesome!! No, neither of us went to Baylor. But, it was still so much fun to be able to go and root on a college from our very own, great state of Texas! Oh, and while we were at the game, Conn did tell me that he DID get accepted to Baylor when he applied back in high school, but...chose Texas Tech, instead. :)

Okay, onto the pictures....

Sporting our Baylor Bear green and gold! :)

We were 17 rows up from the floor! I had no idea that our seats were that close. I just looked online and picked what was available. When we were looking for our seats, we just kept walking closer and closer to the court. It was so awesome!

Of course, we had to get the souvenir shirt!

Oh, during the middle of the game, a huge commotion starting going on across the stadium. I zoomed in with my lens to see who it was. I took a picture and showed it to Conn. He said, "Oh, that is Chris Brown!" Why am I not surprised that he knew this. HA! So, this was our celebrity sighting for the night.

Here is the student section. Every time that they would stand up to do one of their Baylor cheers, Conn and I would stand and try our best to tag right along. We knew absolutely none of them! HA!

View from our seats

I love him!

Baylor ended up winning by just a couple of points. HA!

After the game, we noticed all of these Duke and Purdue fans, starting to fill the seats. We finally realized that there was another game after ours and our tickets were also good for that game, too. Oh, my goodness! I cannot tell you how excited my husband was. 2 Sweet Sixteen games in one night!! Are you kidding me?!
We left at half time because we had to go relieve our sitters at home.

It was such an fun night! Something neither of us will EVER forget! What a blessing to get to experience this with Conn. Love you, babe!


Julie Marler (Mammy) said...

How fun! How wonderful that you love your husband so much that you love to see him happy! You are blessed!! (so is he!!)

Anonymous said...

It was an amazing night love! Thank you so much baby! It was a blast. I'll never, ever forget that sweet 16 experience. -conn

Lacey said...

What a sweet surprise. I'd say you get MAJOR kudos for that. You are making all the other wives look bad. :) Glad you guys had fun!

Greg and Joy Ryan said...

so awesome! you know i think the final four is in Houston next year:)