Sunday, March 21, 2010

Friends are Friends Forever

Last weekend, we were able to go visit some of our very best friends, the Aylor's. Steve and Conn, worked together for many years in student ministry while Kathryn and I, well....we were best friends, pastors wives and we birthed a lot of babies. :) They moved to Dallas a few years back, and now we only get to see them once or twice a year. Our time together is never long enough. But, we treasure every single second so, so much. Thank you, Steve and Kathryn, for hosting our crazy family! We love you all!!!

McWhorter's and Aylor's

While we were there, we went on an "adults only" date. It was marvelous!!! Somehow, I managed to get no pics of that. Darn! We also hung out a lot in our pj's, ate a lot, laughed A TON, talked a lot, disciplined kids a lot, and just had the best of times!

Maggie, Braxton, and Lily

Maggie, Braxton, Nash, and Lily

We took the kids bowling. A great time was had by all!
HA! I totally love this picture! Look at Lily telling Braxton"Don't you dare touch that ball!" Such a girl! HA!!!

Braxton and Lily

Steve and Kathryn

My boy, Cash!


Oh, Maggie Mae!

Daddy and his girlies

What up?!

Kathryn and I said all weekend that Lily and Braxton, need to get married because we have SO many pics of them together! 6 years worth...and counting! How great would their rehearsal dinner video be? HA!!

Cuties...Nash and Maggie!

What a crew!

While we were visiting, I also FINALLY got to meet, my dear blog friend, Amanda! We have "known" each other for over 2 years, but have never officially met. Well, she just so happens to live about 5 min. from the Aylor's. So....Saturday morning, Kathryn and I snuck away for a couple of hours to go have breakfast with one of the sweetest girls! It was SO great to finally meet you, Amanda, and to hug your neck! Let's do it again, soon!


Exum Family said...

What a wonderful weekend! We have friends like that - that we've been through all stages of life together but don't live in the same town - so I can only imagine how much you miss them and then how happy you are whenever you are together. I'm so happy for you!

Amanda said...

LOVVEEEDDDDD getting to finally meet you!!!! So fun!! And y'alls kids are so stinkin cute!! Little magazine models!!

Connie McWhorter said...

How special to meet again with such wonderful family friends! I miss them, too!
Love you, Nanny

Julie Marler (Mammy) said...

Know you had so much fun! I love the one where Lily is giving Braxton some "major instructions!!" at the bowling alley!!! And look at him....standing there so sweet as if to say, "Yes Maam! Whatever you say!!"

And then sweet Miss Maggie Mae! I bet she just decided to sit down on the bowling alley cause she's pouting like crazy all because her ball did not knock down any bowling pins!!!

And then look at that sweet baby Cash! Can he be any cuter???????

Lacey said...

What a great trip!! I miss that little family!! Looks like you guys had a fun trip and made some great memories!!

Not sure when exactly we'll go back to the river, but hoping for a few times. It's a cheap trip and the kids love it. Maybe we'll see you one of the times. :)