Sunday, March 7, 2010


A couple of weeks ago, our 3 girl cousins, came to play for the day! I love seeing all 5 of the girls (& Cash) together. They are all so crazy, but oh so fun!!

Pappy stopped by for a visit. That would be candy that they are all holding up. Yes, when you come to Aunt Ashley's, you will get all the candy your little heart desires! :)

Lily and Campbell
Chloe, Maggie, Carson
Cash and Maggie were loving the puppet shows put on by Carson
Carson and Cash doing a little bit of reading
SO thankful for our screened in back porch


Cash, has always had really bad bowlegs. Since he began walking at 10 months, it has progressively gotten worse. So, we made an appointment with a pediatric orthopedic doctor, to have things checked out. After watching him walk (run) around his office and getting some awesome x-rays, the doc said that Cash's legs are perfectly fine and that it should go away around the age of 3. Until then, we just get to enjoy him and all of his cuteness!!!


I am loving my Thursday morning bible study, spent with Beth Moore, and some of my favorite girls, Shannon, Lindsay, and Carly!


I am SO proud of Conn! A couple of months ago, he registered for his first triathlon that will take place on April 24!

He has been training SO hard for the 1 mile swim that he will have to do in the OCEAN, 26 mile bike ride and the 6 miles of running!!!! Way to go babe! You are going to do awesome!


That's about it for now! Hope you all have an awesome week!!!


Wendy McWhorter said...

I am pretty sure that an x-ray of his Uncle Kap's legs would look the same :) Way to go Conn!

Goska said...

you must be a great aunt:)

Jo said...

I love that your family is all so close together. That is so great that the girls get to enjoy their cousins. I also LOVE the puppet show. That looks so fun!

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Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I have to say I instantly fell in love after hearing David Crowder Band when I clicked on your link! What a precious post of gorgeous little kiddos. I am now following you and will be back :)

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