Monday, January 4, 2010

Life at 13 Months

Cash, turned 13 months, on New Years day.
He is at such a fun, fun age right now.

-Oh, my goodness!!! He is ALL boy and is non stop. As you can tell in the picture below, he can now climb on to almost anything. When he finally is able to shimmy himself up on to whatever it may be, he does not sit. He stands up very proudly and giggles!!

Here are some of his other latest happenings...

-He no longer is nursing. I weaned him on the day of his birthday. Conn told me that that was a terrible b-day present. Ha! If it was up to Cash, he would totally still be nursing. But, we were only down to 2 feedings a day. I have always committed to 1 year with all of my kiddos, so it was perfect timing. Just like both of the girls did, he was perfect with the whole weaning process.

-He still naps twice a day.

-Sleeps pretty good at night. He has been waking up a couple of times here and there. I have no idea what that is about.

-Eats just about everything, but not as much as you would think for what he weighs. The boy is a huge! Ha!

-Speaking of weight, I think he is around 30 lbs. HA! His 3 year old sister, only weighs 32 lbs!!! I still haven't taken him for his 1 year visit. Ooops!! Sorry! Can you say 3rd child!

-Wears 24 months - 2 T

-Has 8 teeth

-Talks a TON. His words so far are...dada, mama, bye, that's all, no, book, thank you, uh-oh, this, and ball. He has started this new thing, where when he wants me, he flat out yells..."MOMMMMMAAAAAAA"!

-LOVES to read books. He will walk up to you with a book in his hand and say, "book". He will then turn around and back into your lap. So, so cute!!!

-He gets into anything and everything!!! When he gets something that he isn't supposed to have and he sees us coming his way, he takes off running and cracks up laughing. Can you tell what he got into in this picture????

-He is still so, so funny and cracks up at the smallest of things. He is starting to catch onto games we or the girls play with him. Love it!

-He FINALLY started giving out kisses over Christmas. Oh, it is the greatest thing. Now, he offers them all the time. He'll give you a kiss and automatically say, "bye", like it is time to go somewhere. But, he WILL NOT blow kisses. We have tried everything and he will have nothing to do with it.

-He refuses to sit on his bottom in the bathtub. He will only stand right by the water faucet and play with the water coming out. Therefore, baths are very quick because he is all over the place!

-He no longer walks...he RUNS!!!! He and the girls run laps around our house. They love it!! The day before Christmas, they were playing one of their games, and I heard a huge thud! Of course there was screaming, and this is what I saw...
He cried for just a few seconds before he was up and running again. Boys, boys, boys!!! The girls would have carried on with the drama for another hour or so!!! Ha!

-The boy LOVES brooms and dust pans more than I could ever try to explain!!

-Bounces up and down and sticks his booty out, when dancing!

-Is still, after 13 months, the happiest most easy going baby we have ever had!!

-Runs to the front door, when Conn gets home, and yells..."DADA"! Oh, it would make you melt!!!

-We love you, little man!


Julie Marler said...

Not sure how this all happened....but that little boy has completely captured my heart! Can't even describe the love Mammy and Pappy have for him!!

Callie said...

i love reading all the little boy things that he does...he is Carson would have a blast together!!

Janet said...

He just makes my heart melt. I love that boy!

Wendy McWhorter said...

He is my second favorite baby boy in the world :)

Anonymous said...

precious!! Love reading about your kiddos!

Jo said...

He is so sweet. I love the picture with the bruise on his head. We use to say that Evan should have worn a helmet at all times! : )

Connie McWhorter said...

This little man is ADORED by many people. I am a HUGE fan! Love you, Nanny

Lindsay said...

I completely forgot to make a 2 yr old appointment for Charlotte. Last summer someone asked how much she weighed, when I didn't know the answer I realized I hadn't taken her in! Love those 3rd children. Don't you wanna know what happens to the 4th? :)

The Jackson's said...

I love this! Thanks for making us all feel like we are a part of him growing up! Love this sweet little boy and the whole awesome McWhorter family! :)