Sunday, January 31, 2010


When Conn is at work during the day and on the weekends, we actually communicate with one another quite a lot. No, we aren't on the phone constantly, rather it be talking or texting. We, on the other hand, use our wonderful Macs ichat and ivideo chat. I leave my laptop open all day on the kitchen counter and he, of course, is on his all day at work. So, as I walk past it through out the day, I glance to see if there are messages or updates from him. If one of the girls needs to talk to him or they just want to see his smiling face, there he is! They love it!! Oh, and it works wonders when they will just not listen to momma during the day. It's amazing what a little "daddy time" will do! HA!!

If you are not familiar with a Mac, you can do all of these fun backgrounds when you are chatting. The girls love when he goes under the ocean!

And...there is the ever so popular special effects faces! HAHA!


Rusty and Jennifer said...

I love this!
What a sweet way for Daddy to get to be a part of their day!
What a wonderful idea!

I LOVE my ichat! Its a great way to get to talk to my nephew in Oklahoma!

Lindsey said...

I have actually never used my iChat. I will have to do that!!

Rhonda said...

Never used one but the faces are HI-larious!! :)

Julie Marler (Mammy) said...

Conn looks just fatulous - er, I mean fabulous!!! I must remember to NEVER do the funny picture thing! No telling what my double chin would look like!!!!!!

Stacy said...

LOl..that is a great way to keep the communication lines open! Too bad we don't have a Mac:)

Lacey said...

Okay, so do you use the actual ichat, or do you use aim and use the video with your built in camera? I used to have mobile me and never used it so I cancelled it. Isn't that the only way you can ichat? If you have mobileme? you may have to come down and give me a tutorial. :)

Ashley McWhorter said...

Funny, mom! We laugh so hard every time b/c it reminds of of the Will Smith scene. HAHA!! And, when YOU had that allergic reaction! :)

I have no idea. It is just whatever is set up on a Mac. Conn did it for me. I'll come down one day this week and see if we can figure it out.