Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Favorites

I came across these a long time ago, but I still love them just as much as when I discovered them. Pre-sliced apples in a bag! Heaven on earth to this momma!! This glorious find, is perfect for last minute lunches that are made way too early in the morning and for our busy family that is always on the go!

Maybe it is a boy thing, I have no idea. I never dealt with leaky diapers with the girls. But, these night time diapers, have saved our lives with Cash during the night. So happy to not be doing crib sheet changes every single morning! Thank you, Pampers!!
Pampers Baby Dry Overnight Extra Protection Diapers, Size 5 (30-40 Lbs), Jumbo, 23-Count Packages (Case of 4)

I am not really a dress (as in wearing dresses) type girl. Give me a great pair of jeans, a t-shirt, a hoodie, and a pair of flip flops, and I am set!! Seriously, I'll wear it all year. Even in the Texas heat that we get in the summer time. If I must dress up, I will wear nice black pants and a cute top. of my best and dearest friends, Lindsay, is totally into dresses and has really turned me on to them. So, I decided to branch out a little bit and buy some. Now, I am still very picky when it comes to buying a dress. These are a couple of places that I am loving right now. NO, I haven't bought from all of them. Just fun to look at! :)

Ann Taylor Loft . I have never shopped at this store, until just recently. They have some of the cutest things. It can be a little pricey, but they have amazing sales! Like, one day this week, all of their SALE items were 50% off!
Shimmer Dress with Petal Trim

Shabby Apple is an online store that I discovered from another blog. How cute is this dress?
Black cotton poplin dress with belt and pleated skirt.

Of course, Lindsay, the queen of all things cute, is dedicated to the one and only, Anthropologie. She worked there all through high school, college, and even now on the weekends and over the holidays when she isn't teaching those lovely 7th graders, English! HA! You should see her closet (and, her bedroom floor)! It is my go-to place when I am need of something oh-so adorable! Thanks, Linds! :)

She does not have a blog, so I am just going to post her precious self on here!! :)

I also love, Francesca's and of course Target!!!

My last Friday Favorite, is the new Yogurt Parfait from Chick-fil-a! Mmmmm...GOOD!!!! I am in love with all things yogurt, and it is a healthier option for me when I drive-thru with the kids. Of course, paired with a Diet Coke! :)


What are some of your Friday Favorites?

Hope you all have a great weekend! The C-O-L-D has returned here to Houston, and I am NOT liking it!!! Stay warm!! :)


Julie Marler (Mammy) said...

We do love us some Ms. Lindsay!!! She's just a DIVA! My Friday Fave is going out to dinner - anywhere! Movie night makes my Friday complete! Friday is for-sure my favorite night of the week!!

lindsay said...

I'm so honored to have such a sweet shout-out!

My closet is your closet!
Love you!

Janet said...

I agree with your sweet mom about the Friday night movies and dinner! You know my Chick-fil-a favorite is not quite as healthy as yours..... give me that yummy large Diet Coke. I'm also really happy to have an Anthropologie loving daughter who shares with us. That's a precious picture of my girl. Thanks Mammy and Pappy the great photography!

Exum Family said...

Since you love all things yogurt, I thought I'd share my absolute favorite yogurt - Fage Greek yogurt! It's the best. Thick, creamy, and delicious. I buy the plain and then sweeten with agave nectar. Sometimes, I put frozen raspberries in it and it's so good it tastes like ice cream. I LOVE it. I put it in smoothies, bake with it instead of sour cream...

Kathy Cubley said...

My favorite thing about Friday is the moment that the cakes are done ( 13 and a wedding this week!) and the cake stuff is washed and put away!! Then we always go somewhere really good for dinner (Outback last night) and finally my blue bath tub full to nearly over flowing! AHHHHHHHHHH! And as a side note, my closet is open to you anytime! HA!! How bout I offer my girls. That's less of a joke!! Love you

Lacey said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Ann Taylor Loft. And I too loved their 50% off sale this week. I do get told by a certain friend that it's a little "teacher-ish." LOL. But I love it. And I had NO IDEA that chick fil a had that yogurt parfait. How do I eat there as often as I do and not know that. I am excited to try it. What a fun post. Maybe I'll try a Friday Favorite next week- we'll see....

Misty Straley said...

Those diapers have saved our lives too. It must be a boy thing. (jessica complains about leaky night-time diapers as well) Looks like I'll be continuing to buy them! :)

Oh, and my pregnant, craving self saw the picture of the yogurt parfait when we were at Chick-fil-A the other day, and I've been wanting one ever since! Ha!

stacy said...

Yes, I admit Ann Taylor Loft is a bit "teacherish" but they seem to be getting better. Heck, I like any store where I can wear a size smaller.

Maggie Whitley {Gussy} said...

hey Ashley! i got your comment but there isn't an email address on your profile so i have to write to you here =P

yes, i do do custom orders. if you'd like email me ( and you can share your idea :)


The Peterson's said...

LOFT is my fav! I guess it suits me well being a teacher and they give teacher discounts...even better! Their sales are amazing....

I need some cute girly stuff too- I prefer to dress the same as you. :)If you find a great place for cute dresses, besides these, let me know. I need some.