Thursday, September 24, 2009


I delivered Cash au natural. Meaning, I had NO epidural!! Could you imagine if he would have weighed as much as this sweet boy? OH, MY STINKIN' GOSH!!!!


Lacey said...

I blogged about this too. This is just pure craziness. I can NOT even imagine. She birthed a toddler for goodness sakes!

Angela said...

I saw this, this morning! I thought my 10+ pounders were outrageous!
At least she had a C-section. But, still. I wondered what size clothes/diapers he's STARTING in! YIKES!!

Tricia said...

You know, family stories have it that my husband's grandpa weighed 21 lbs at birth. He was born in Italy and I always had my doubts even though my husband's mom was over 13 lbs at and my husband was 10 something (luckily I was a full term 6 lb baby - so my biggest baby was 7lb. 13oz - whew! I totally dodged a bullet on that one!) But I guess it IS possible after all. Who knew?!?!