Friday, July 10, 2009

Whew! What a Week!

Is it already Friday? WOW! How did that happen! We have had one busy, busy week. But, it has been full of fun!


The kids and I went bowling with some sweet, sweet friends. Have you ever been bowling with 6 kids that are 5 and under? It is quite humorous! We will definetly be doing it again before the summer is over. Jo, made a great list on her blog, about all these things you should know before going bowling with with kids that are this age. HA! Love it! Thanks, Jo! :)
  1. They ask every time, for the entire game, "is it my turn?"
  2. You can have the lane for 1 hour and only bowl 5 frames.
  3. The ball gets stuck in the middle of the lane A LOT!
  4. It is almost more fun to dance to the music.
  5. Little boys will put their faces in front of the ball return.
  6. The foul line is cool to cross because it makes a neat noise.
  7. It is very fun to scoot across the slippery wood floors.
  8. They don't make bowling shoes small enough, but, everyone wants to be barefoot anyway.
  9. For some reason bowling can be a little "scary".
  10. It is a whole bunch of fun!


Check out Cash's latest trick...
I looked up one day, and he was just standing there. I have no idea how he learned how to do it. He just started crawling last week. He is still working on how to get down. But, not bad for 7 months. Huh?!

Cash also got some new kicks...
Have you ever seen anything more precious? I love how he has no ankles and his shin just kind of falls over the shoes. HAHA!!! Yes, I know my boy is huge. He is so yummy! I guess momma has some good ol milk. :)


The girls have been taking gymnastics this summer. Well, Lily has been taking it for 2 years. But, this is Maggie's first time. Maggie was so excited to finally join in on one of Lily's activities.


Last night, Conn and I went to see our good friend, JB Barnett, do a gig at Berry Hill in Market Street. We have known JB for a long time and he just returned from spending 14 months in Australia. He has such amazing talent and it was so great to see him doing something that he loves. If you ever need fun date night, check out his website to see when his upcoming shows will be.

Gotta love date nights!
Our good friends, the Ryan's, showed up. Well, most of the Ryan crew. Greg was doing a wonderful job as Mr. Mom, while Joy was at school.
Love him!

The girls also had swim lessons twice this week, but, I totally forgot to take pictures. I can't wait to show you those. Both of my girls are swimming across the pool. It is amazing! Maggie just turned 3 in April, and was already swimming after only 3 lessons. Lily learned to swim last summer. So, this summer, she has learned the breaststroke, side breathing, the backstroke, and just this week, the butterfly. We love Miss Carlea! They have one more lesson on Sunday, so I'll be sure to take some pictures and hopefully get some video.

Tomorrow, is Lily's BIG 5th birthday party! She really doesn't turn 5 until the 24th, but, we are having her party early because we will be out of town on her actual b-day.

So, I guess so much for slowing down. Hope you all have a blessed weekend! If you are in TX, stay cool. My Expedition read 104 yesterday! Holy cow!!


Lorren said...

Cash's cankels were too cute for me and I passed out. If I ever meet him in person we are all in trouble. :) ALL your children are precious!

Jo said...

We had so much fun bowling!! Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow at Lily's party!

Jo said...
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Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

Oh my gosh, I love Cash's cankles!! He IS yummy!!

Ok, I think we need to plan a bowling playdate.

Julie Marler said...

Happy Birthday Party Day Lily Belle!! You're still Mammy and Pappy's little punkin' - how can you be turning 5!

Congrats Miss Maggie Mae for being so cute at "nastics" (gymnastics) and being such a fast learner at swimming!

And Cash - you don't have to do anything but stand up - and we all just fall in love all over again - with YOU!


Angie Seaman said...

Hey Ashley. Thanks so much for the comment on my blog yesterday evening. Where abouts do you live? Are you in Florida? We have the Tommy Bahama restaurant here in Naples, Florida too. It's connected to the Tommy Bahama Store and then they have a "Tommy Bahama casual living" style store right across the street from it. It's all right in the heart of downtown Naples off of 3rd avenue. Very fun! We love to eat there at the restaurant - outside -with all of the cool bands/music playing. (which sometimes gets a bit loud) Ha ha! Hope all is well with you and yours.

Hugs, Angie

Goska said...

Happy Birthday Party:)

adrianicole said...

I love little Cash, he is so cute & a big boy like Gavin!! Its too funny. I love it too, G has actually slimmed up but has the fattest feet ever, we can't even lace up tennis shoes...

Ben and Emily said...

I'm tired just from reading your post!

Cash is adorable, cankels and all! :)