Saturday, July 18, 2009

Welcome To The Club

My dear friend, Carly, turned 30 last weekend!! A group of us girls got together, to throw her a surprise birthday dinner. I do believe, that she was really surprised!

Her best friend, Lindsay, came in from Nashville. She is the one who put this whole thing together. We all wish she lived closer! :)
Some of the girls
Stacy & Me
We went back to Stacy's after dinner, and ate cake while enjoying tons of "girl talk"!
I didn't get a picture of us together, so...I am putting this one up from when Conn and I went, with her and her husband, to New York a couple of years ago.

Happy birthday, Carly! We are so glad that you finally joined our club! :) Thanks for being YOU! You are truly one rock star wife, momma, and friend!!!


Rhonda said...

Awww...what a good feeling when they really ARE surprised!! The club isn't as bad as I thought it was either! :)

Rhonda said...

Oh, and SL told me that your sister(?) is moving to SC. How exciting!! Maybe if you come to visit her we could meet!! :)

Goska said...

It's good to have such a good friends!

Rusty and Jennifer said...

:( Lindsay was in town and I missed her. We should have done another blog-girls dinner. She is the one that got me started in this crazy blog world!
Looks like a great time!

Carly O'Quinn said...

I'm just now getting around to doing my weekly blog read and saw this. Thanks for such a wonderful evening and for making the 20's to 30's transition a fantastic one! I know that you had a lot to do with what made that night truly special and I'm so thankful to have you in my life, sweet friend!
Could I have bawled like a bigger baby?! I was so overwhelmed. Love you!!!