Monday, May 25, 2009

Playing Catch Up


Maggie turned 3 back in April! It was finally time to say goodbye to her beloved paci's (or pap-pap, as they were known around here). She did OK with letting them go. She still has her days and will ask when she can have them back again. We tell her that she won't be getting them back because she is 3, now. She then gives us the most serious look and says, "I am not 3 anymore. I was 3 yesterday. Today, I am 2!" HA!!

Chunky Monkey Goodness!!!

This little guy, will be 6 months old next week! Crazy, huh?! Well, it's true! And, if you haven't seen him lately, he really isn't that little! We weighed him last week, and he was a whopping 21lbs. !! Where does he get all of this chunky monkey goodness? We have no idea!! Up until last week, Cash was getting nothing, but his momma. Boy, does he LOVE his momma!!! We just started foods and he loves it! So far, his favorite are bananas! He is a McWhorter, for sure!!! He is so close to crawling. But, he can't seem to put one knee in front of the other. The funniest part about it though, is he is not even sitting up yet. He is like a little weeble wobble, when we sit him on the ground. He just gives us a big ole grin, and topples on over.

Muffins with Mom

The girls school hosted a Muffins with Mom, one morning. They were so excited that I was eating breakfast with them. They had each made me little gifts. It is always fun to share these special times with them.

Lily and Mommy

Maggie and Mommy
Little Buddy

"Little Buddy", is Maggie's name for Cash. She uses her squeakiest, little voice when talking to him. It is so funny. She'll walk up to him and say, "Well, hey there little buddy! " HA!! I can already see a special bond growing between them. When Lily starts Kindergarten in the fall, I know that that bond between Maggie and Cash, will only grow stronger.

How Do You Bumbo?

Like I mentioned early, Cash is not sitting up. He wants to so badly, and was getting very frustrated. So, I went out and bought him one of those Bumbo seats. He loves it. But, I think we bought it about a month or so too late. He was sitting in it on the floor the other day, and I look over to see him completely crawling out of the thing to reach a toy on the floor. Guess I can forget about sitting it on the bathroom counter while I get ready.

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Connie McWhorter said...

That's my girl! What a beautiful creation God has made!!!
Love, Nanny