Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bribery?? Nah!!

Yesterday, we took some family portraits in Katy. We promised the girls a surprise after the session (if they cooperated) HA!! So, since they did so well, we took them to eat at the Rainforest Cafe at Katy Mills. The girls loved it and Cash slept through most of the animal noises and lighting flashes. Which, if you have young kids and a baby, make for a perfect lunch!!

Maggie said that this was Jesus, and that He had the whole world in His hands!! Love that!!

The Volcano!!

Cash loved it, too!!



Callie said... were in KATY and didn't call me?!?!?!? BUSTED!!!!!!

Julie Marler said...

didn't know you went to Rainforest!!! I still have NEVER been!! Bummer!

Angie Seaman said...

We have always loved that restaurant. Wish we had one in Indiana. We have a home in Bonita Springs, FL too and they have a similar restaurant to it on Sanibel Island that we visit from time to time. Not near as good as the rainforest restaurant though.
:( Hope your day was a blast and that the pictures turned out well. I'm a "picture girl" myself. Love photography! :) Have a great Sunday!

Blessings, Angie Seaman