Sunday, February 15, 2009

It's A Love Thing

Began...with donuts, cards, and flowers from daddy.

Then...we had a heart-shaped pizza for lunch.

Lastly...Conn and Lily went to their very first Daddy-Daughter Princess Ball.

Lily and Pappy
Lily dancing with daddy.

Lily and her sweet friend, Madilyn.

Who needs dancing, when there is running and jumping to be done!
I think it's time the princesses called it a night!


Julie Marler said...

Cute little princess girls! That dress-up thing is only just beginning. Better start saving up those $$$$$$$$ for the many years of fancy dresses!!!

Janet said...

It looks like they had so much fun! I remember those days so well.

Rhonda said...

The pictures of the dance are precious!!

Amy said...

Will you email me some pictures. Frank did not do a good job of taking pictures. Madilyn had so much fun with Lily

Stacy said...

I love the heart shaped pizza!!

The pictures at the ball are too cute:)

debra said...

so fun!

jbwillis79 said...

I bet the Daddy's were just as tired as the girls! My sis in law is Lsa Gordon (maiden name). I use to be on facebook, but like blogging better so I stopped doing the facebook.

Tara Powell said...

That looks like a fun day. My dad still writes a special card for all his girls on Valentines. I love that.

Jaclyn said...

what a BEAUTIFUL little lady! And i love the last pic of them all tired out :)

Connie McWhorter said...

Lily looks like a Zeta lady to me!
Love, Nanny

Toni said...

Oh my gosh! So cute!

Anonymous said...

where is that heart pizza from? so cool!