Monday, January 5, 2009

Renaissance Rewind

OK...these are well over a month old, but I still wanted to post them on here.

We took the girls to the Renaissance Festival the Friday after Thanksgiving. Conn and I both grew up around this area, and I think I had been once and Conn had never been. Well...if you have been, it is definitely something you will never forget. WOW, is all we gotta say!!! Good thing we had free tickets. It was truly a Renaissance kind of experience in all its glory! The people watching was spectacular!!! The girls had a blast, even if we felt like we needed to shield their eyes from half of what we saw. HAHA!

Lily and daddy on the huge swings

The girls rode ponies.
Maggie was a little unsure about the whole thing. :)
Even though it was almost Dec., it was hot and sunny outside!
Sweet, sweet Maggie Mae
Riding the carousel
The girls jumped on theses trampolines that literally flung them high into the air. They LOVED it! Being 38 weeks pregnant at the time, I thought about trying it myself. :) Little did I know that Cash would come just 3 days later (not from jumping on the trampoline!)
See...I told ya!

Of course, every girl has to get her face painted and fairy dust sprinkled in their hair.

Worn slap out!


Julie Marler said...

That trampoline would have scared the dickens out of me!!

fleur said...

The only time I've been was in high school. It was raining and muddy and I couldn't believe the things I saw! I've never been back.

I can't believe your little girls willingly did the trampoline! What daredevils. I'm too chicken for that. Looks like you all had a great time!

Lorren said...

During all the years we lived in Houston we never went to the Renaissance festival. It looks like fun! Your girls are beautiful!

Danyel Lintelman said...

Tell me about it! There are some strange folks at that thing. Ryan won't go. He says they freak him out. Ha!

Ashley said...

You have some brave girls getting on that trampoline! I've never been and may never go now that I know what you can see there. LOL!

Amanda said...

ok. Next year... or some year... can we please come visit y'all and go to this?????

Rachel said...

so much fun they had, and I'm sure you did too! It's never too late to share photos! Hope you are coping great to the three kiddos!