Friday, March 23, 2012

SUYL - Mom's of Big Families

I am linking up over at Kelly's Korner for a SUYL - Mom's of Big Families post.

Thanks for stopping by! :)

These are my 4 little loves! Lily is 7, Maggie will be 6 in April, Cash is 3 and Rhett is 6 months. When Conn and I got married (and even when we were engaged) there was constant talk of having a large family. We always said that we wanted 6 kids. Well, 4 kids later, we can both 100% say that we are G-O-O-D! Our life is full and our life is blessed! 2 girls and 2 boys! Seriously, what could be more perfect?! Rhett has made the perfect little caboose for our family. Having 4 has truly rocked my world...not gonna lie! But, I wouldn't trade it for anything. Thank you, Lord, for my sweet family!


Courtney said...

Cute kids in pink and red! And the little guy trying to get his brother in the picture, how funny!


Lisa said...

love reading about your family...even though I haven't seen you in years, I feel like I am completely up to speed. :)

next time I am in houston, I need to catch up with you and Callie. We definitely have lots in common these days.

Scott and Agata said...

Hi, I am over from Kellys Korner.
Just wanted to stop by and say what a beautiful family you have! Congrats!
We are parents to 2 year old Lilly and are very blessed too!

Brandi said...

Aw, adorable picture!!! Toooo cute!

3 Dudes and a Diva said...

Stopping by from Kelly's Korner. What a darling family and I love their names:) You say you talked about having 6 and ended up with 4? My husband wanted 2 and we ended up with 6! HA!! Our world is rocked too:)

Janet said...

Love those sweet babies! Is my Rhett feeling better?