Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Around Here

We had a great, relaxing 4th of July. We baked a lot of goodies and went to Conn's parents house for burgers and the works! It was a great day full of family and laughter!

We have been hitting up the pool about 3 days a week. All 3 of my children are the most social kids I have ever met! This personality comes alive full force when we are at the pool! It is considered "boring" if there is no one to play with. Oh, and having each other doesn't count. Ha! Thankfully, they have made friends every time we have gone.

I was ironing the girls dresses the other day, and I began to wonder how long they will let me dress them alike. Random, I know. :)

Speaking of the girls, they are at the awesome age where you can have real, meaningful talks with them. Here they are eating breakfast with Conn...deep in conversation.

My new addiction! Thank you, Annalee, for introducing me to this refreshing treat!

The process of rearranging and redecorating rooms has slowly begun! We have 9 weeks. That's plenty of time...right?! :)

Someone had a little run in with the road. Let's just say, it wasn't an ideal morning for a bike ride. Thankfully, this was about the only injuries that occurred. We are also very thankful that he was wearing his helmet. It was cracked all down the side from the force of the fall.

We took a little road trip to attend a summer get together for my dad's side of the family. It was about 3 hrs away and on a lake. The kids got to jet ski, tube and play with a lot of dogs. Pretty sure it was one of the funnest days they've had in a long time!

Big Brother is already in love with his "baby boy" and is SO ready to meet him!

Someone gets to go on a 7 day backpacking trip in the Rockies. I'll let you take a guess which one of us it is?! :) Praying that we ALL survive! Ha!


Connie McWhorter said...

Summer fun is just THE BEST!!!
Love you all, Nanny

Lacey said...

What great summer fun!! But sorry about Conns road accident- that looks PAINFUL!! hope he is feeling okay.

I got your comment about the blog. DO IT!! It was overwhelming for me at first but mostly because 2008 was rough scanning missing pictures. 2009 probably took a total of 2 hours to do at most. my advice is to fix your blog with what you want printed. Get rid of slide shows and videos.THEN download it to the blog2print site. trying to edit after it's been downloaded is harder- or at least I thought so. If you have any questions feel free to call me. But I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it and I am so glad that I did it. Time to get 2010 done and then I am caught up!!

Toni said...

Always love seeing pictures of your sweet family! Conn told us about his bike accident, that is crazy! Super excited for McWhorter Baby #4 (really, did I just type 4??!!!), I can't wait to see what you do with the new baby's room.