Monday, April 11, 2011

The Weekend

We had a fun, but crazy weekend! On Friday, the kids went to Parents Night Out at one of our local church's. It is one Friday a month and is from 6-10. We make sure to sign up for this almost every time! The kids love it and it is cheaper per hr. for us than hiring a babysitter (which we do A LOT!). I know I talk about Conn and I going out all the time, and it is because WE DO. We take our date nights very seriously! It is so, so crucial to us and our marriage to find time and pay for a sitter and plan a date night. We will sacrifice other fun things and activities just to have this time with each other. Yes, we do have amazing grandparents close by that do keep the kids, but we don't always use them. If it's not in the budget to hire a sitter, trade nights with another family or something. We have never done this, but I have friends that have and they love it. I encourage all of you married women/mommas out there that read this blog...hire a sitter, go on a date (even if you just go and sit at Sonic and talk for hrs.), and spend some alone time with your man! It will do all of you some good! I promise!! :)

Dinner outside at one our favorite local date places...Black Walnut

Then on Saturday, Cash and I headed to a bday party and Conn took the girls to Lily's school carnival. I don't have any pictures from the carnival. But, I heard that a ton of fun was had by all. Cash and I had a blast at sweet Mollie Kate's party. It was at a gymnastics place. Oh my goodness, Cash had the time of his life. He wouldn't sit still for anything, so we were both very exhausted by the time we left. Ha!

A very blurry picture from my phone...because he doesn't sit still. :)

Sunday was supposed to be pretty relaxing. Well, not so much! About an hr. before Conn got home from church, he sent me a text saying that someone had offered him tickets to the Astros game. These weren't just any old tickets, they were suite level tickets! a suite with all the food, dessert, snacks, and drinks you can imagine! So, of course, we said yes! I sent a text out to 3 of our sitters, and whoever replied first, got the job. Ha! So, as soon as Conn walked in the door, we headed out. We got there at about the 3rd inning, but it was perfectly fine. It was SO much fun! The FREE food and drinks were awesome and the other people in the suite were really nice. Such a fun time!! So glad we were able to do this and we were so thankful for the tickets!

Sometime during the weekend, my friend Heather, set up a girls movie night for Sunday night. soon as we got home from the game, I helped bathe and feed the kids, and I set out for my last outing of the weekend! I am so glad I went! Even though the movie was late and it was a pretty far drive from where I live, it was worth it! It was so great to hang with some hilarious girls that I love and don't get to see that often! Thanks for putting this together, Heather! Can't wait until the next GNO!!

The sunset was beautiful on my drive there!

Me, Heather, and Jen waiting for the other girls.

Shannon, Callie, Jen, Heather, Lindsee, Me


Ben and Emily said...

What a fun weekend! You are too cute!!

parsonsfamily said...

so so fun!! You are inspiring me to set up more babysitters. Glad you had such a great weekend! We'll be in town this Thursday for 10 days. Would love to see you in the old neighborhood!

Julie Marler (Mammy) said...

Girl - you wear me out!! Whew! I know you are having fun fun fun! And you were never one that has ever wanted to sit home when there was action all around!!!

Jen said...

I was so glad I got to see you :)

Anonymous said...

What an amazing weekend! The Astros game was so much fun!! I sure love ya. -Conn

Heather said...

I'm pretty sure I look possessed in that last picture. My eyes are freaking me out!! ha!! So glad we got to hang, we need to do it again!! Had so much fun, sorry I was a cry baby during the movie!! ;) Ha!

Skoglund said...

You have way more fun than I do!!

Emily said...

you are soo cute:) What a fun weekend! Love your header:) Cate has the same dress:)

Connie McWhorter said...

And a good time was had by ALL...What fun!!!
Love you all, Nanny