Monday, February 14, 2011

Whole Lot of Love

Saturday night, Lindsee and Missy, threw an awesome chocolate fondue party at Lindsee's place. It was such a fun night spent some lovely ladies! Along with the chocolate fondue, they had strawberries, marshmallows, pretzels, bananas, apples, graham crackers and more for all the yummy dipping. It was also a great night full of fun conversation and girls just being girls. It always amazes me how much "talking" we can get done when it just us girls and no kids. Ha! Our topics of conversations ranged from t.v. shows we watch, to the worst date we ever had, to babies, to how to change a flat tire, and what type of toilet paper we should use. I love it and I love these kind of nights! Can't wait until the next one!!!

Oh, and thanks to Missy and Heather, for all of the pictures. :)

This morning, my Valentine's Day, started out with my daddy stopping by the house and bringing me a beautiful bouquet of sunflowers. Oh, they are so pretty! He has given me flowers every single Valentine's Day, since I was one month old (my bday is in Jan.). No matter where I have lived, or how old I am, I get them every single year! It brightened my morning, that's for sure! I love you, dad! Thanks so much!! :)

I snagged some pictures of the girls' before they left for school. Love these two girlies!

My littlest Valentine decided to finally wake up, and we spent the morning together. He makes me smile! :)

We then went and met daddy for lunch! Mexican food, of course! :)

After lunch was done, we made a stop at Maggie's school Valentine's party. Gotta love a class full of 15, 4 year old's! Fun times! :)

Conn has carried on the flower tradition with his own two girlies! They love it!!

Most of all, I want to wish my man, a Happy Valentine's Day.

We have never been ones to make a huge deal out of this day. But, it is still fun to let him know how much I love him and appreciate him. I pray daily, that I have many, many more years of dancing with the one I love!
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Kelli said...

What a wonderful day! You have a lot of family to love... just the way it should be!

Jaclyn said...

adorable! I love that you get flowers from your dad every year! Jeremy brought a big pink bear home with pink flowers for Grace and I LOVED it! Such a great tradition to start.
You look gorgeous and I cannot get over what a big boy Cash is! How did this happen so fast?!

Toni said...

Aww! So cute! What a fun day!

Love Being A Nonny said...

The pics of the kids are adorable!!! I shared this video on my blog today too!!! Don't you just love it??!!

Kirsten said...

Aw, that does sound like a wonderful day! My Dad did the same thing for me--he bought me flowers every Valentine's Day until I got married. It is still a really sweet memory for me. :)

Tanni said...

Beautiful song Ashley! :)

Gośka said...

The meeting had to be very successful. It is wonderful to have such a group of friends. What you wrote about your dad, and brings you flowers on Valentine's Day - I was very touched. I admire your sunny weather. I personally can not wait to get frosts be over - and the last few days is below 10 degrees Celsius. And I've just miss the sun:)

Angela said...

My hubby got my little one flowers too! I got a sweet text from my dad. Aren't we blessed!

Have a great week!

Heather said...

Cash's eyes are brown!! :) Love these pictures, you have the most beautiful little family!! I am so glad I got to hang with you, we really need to do it more often!

Connie McWhorter said...

Such fun times and fond memories!
Love you all, Nanny