Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A List of Sorts

*Last night, I attended the first of three bible studies with Beth Moore and thousands of other women. The next one is Oct. 19. You should join me. :)

*Sarah Kelly, and her husband, Jonas, recently came on staff at our church. Sarah released a new album yesterday, and I am in love with many of her new songs. Sarah sang a few of her new songs this weekend at church. She has an amazing testimony and an incredible voice. Always Undeniable and How Much You Love, are currently on repeat in our home. :) You can check out her new album, here.

*Today, I was going to try and participate in, What I Wore Wednesday . My adorable friend, Debra, did it a couple of weeks ago, and I thought it would be so fun. Well, as you can see by my terrible pictures, it was a failed attempt. HA! I couldn't get the angles and lighting to work, and it was becoming too frustrating. I obviously don't have enough light in my room. But, if I used the flash, it totally bounced off the mirror. So, I gave up. :)
Ruffled Tank- Old Navy
Cardigan- Old Navy
Jeans- Local Boutique
Flip Flops- Gap

* Cash really LOVES to color. We think he may be our only lefty in the family. So far, he is doing everything with his left hand. Yes, he is sitting in a tall bar stool in these pictures. This is where his sisters color, and he must do exactly what they do. :)

*Today, all of my children are in school.
We really don't have any extra money to spend right now, so I came straight home after I took Maggie and Cash to school. It has been so nice! I have been sitting on my couch in the complete silence of our home. Yes, I have laundry to put away and a dishwasher that needs to be unloaded. But, today, I choose to sit and soak up the silence. It has been good. Really, good! :) My mom did call and invited me to meet her for Mexican food. Of course, I said yes. Conn came along and we had a great lunch filled with laughing and deep conversations. It was good. Now, I must go pick up my two younger babies. The silence will be no more.

Thank you, Lord, for giving me this one day with nothing to do.
It has been good. :)


Jennifer said...

I went last night to Beth Moore and it was amazing! Just what I needed to remind me that I was created in His image and don't need to try and make myself into someone else because I am who He wanted me to be.

Also, your outfit was very cute today, even if the pictures wouldn't cooperate :)

Exum Family said...

{If you don't know this already...} Did you try bumping up the ISO setting on your camera? The darker the room, the higher the number you need. I actually liked the photos and loved the outfit!

Lacey said...

First of all, you look tiny in your what I wore today picture. Second, I love the outfit. Third, I can not get over the grip Cash has on that crayon...your kids amaze me with their fine motor skills. And lastly, yeah for a quiet day!!!! Glad you enjoyed it! Here's to many more this year!!

Anonymous said...

A quiet day has been long overdue. You deserved every second my love. -conn

Callie said...

praise the Lord for a quiet day!!! It will be a few more years before I have one of those :). Your outfit was super cute. It doesn't surprise me - you're always cute. I miss your face! Can I see you soon????

Our Life Together said...

Nothing sounds GREAT! Luke is a lefty too. :)

Lorren Says... said...

You look so cute (and thin) in your picture! Laughing because I also have a dishwasher that needs to be unloaded and a basket of clothes needin' to be folded. Yes, I just wrote a country song there. Thankfully, I have two housekeepers named "Zoi" and "Audra" that are finally old enough to help out!

Cash is a cutie pie!!

Janet said...

You look so cute, Ashley! I'm glad you enjoyed your day of peace.
Love you bunches - Janet

Julie Marler (Mammy) said...

What a sweet post! Loved going to "Bethie" last night with you and Rachel. Loved your "Show me What you are Wearing" pictures. You look darling - as usual....well, except when you stay in pajama bottoms and old youth ministry t-shirts (which is quite a lot!!). And of course, I love seeing my cute babies at all times! Cash may be the next van Gogh!! Can't believe he's a lefty. Never had one on the Marler side (that I know of) so it must come from Uncle Kap for sure. He'll be proud to know he passed this down to his nephew!!

Kelli said...

That outfit is ADORABLE :)

My C is going to be a lefty I think... I kind of want her to be since I am!

I am going to look for you at the next Fall Forward!

Connie McWhorter said...

That precious Cash has some WONDERFUL teachers, doesn't he? I am so very proud of all of my grandchildren. Aren't they just THE BEST?!! Love you, Nanny

kimmie said...

Hi Ashley...I'm so glad you found my blog and thank you for the sweet comment!! Your kids are adorable..I love their names!! Cash is a cutie..he does look about the same age as my little man...Maddox is almost 15 months. I look forward to following you!!