Saturday, December 19, 2009

This, That & Toothless

A couple of weeks ago, it snowed here in Houston. Well, it "sprinkled", as Maggie would say. It "sprinkled" snow on an off all day, but it never really stuck. So, here are some pictures of our snow day...or, our snow minutes. :)

If you look carefully, you can see it on the roof.

As soon as it hit the ground, it turned to water.
Me and the little man, waiting on Lily to get off the bus.
Fun memories!

A week later, Lily, pulled her very first tooth at school!


Also...Lily, was in her very first choir performance, at our church. She did such a great job. This is TOTALLY her thing. I hope she continues to love performing, just like her daddy.

They were the "sheep" in the Christmas story.

My girl, singing her little heart out!

This is a close-up on the big screen.
After wards, we attempted to get a family pic, next to the pretty Christmas trees in the foyer. This one cracked me up. I have no idea what the girls are doing. HA!


Misty Straley said...

The kids in my class always liked pulling their teeth during they could get a cool tooth or treasure chest shaped necklace! They all knew that loose teeth grossed me out...Hee hee! I can't believe she's already losing teeth!

Connie McWhorter said...

What FUN memories!!! Love you, Nanny

Wendy McWhorter said...

Ashley, when you weren't looking i took the girls aside taught them how to pose like there cousins- glad to know they got it.

Lacey said... fun! Congrats on the first tooth...I bet three more will follow quickly. In that last picture Maggie looks like Campbell...never seen that before. Hope you guys are enjoying the holiday!!! Come on down if you want to play!

Anonymous said...

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