Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Parties and More

Both of the girls had Christmas parties at their schools last week. They were full of cookie decorating, book exchanges, and crafts. Maggie's, was especially fun, because right before her party, they did a cute Christmas performance with their whole school.

Our little reindeer spotted us! They had to take her bow out because it covered her reindeer antlers. HA!!!

We always say that she is a tiny thing, but she is actually one of the tallest in her class.
Just like Lily and her daddy, Maggie LOVES to perform.
Party time!

Working hard on that Christmas tree cone.

Nanny and PawPaw, came to join in on the festivities.

Now, time for Lily's party...

Decorating those cookies!!!

Book exchange with daddy by her side!
She was so funny the night before her party. She insisted that she MUST wear her Christmas dress, tights, dressy shoes, and of course a bow! Ha! I love that SHE still loves to be a precious little girl and hasn't wanted to grow up on us...just quite yet. I'll keep her this way for as long as she will let us.


Daddy is in full swing with the Christmas Eve services at church. So, we have been making the most of our days having friends over, to try and help the days go by faster. :) If you wanna come play, give us a call! We would love the company!!!

Finley, Maggie, Lily, and Lexie

Crazy girl!

Sweet friends!


Speaking of Christmas Eve services, we would love to have you at one ours...

Merry Christmas, everyone!!!!
Hope you are having a blessed week!


Julie Marler said...

Loved the pics! Loved the cute Christmas shirts the girls had on and of course the precious Christmas dresses that Nanny bought them!!!

Loved Maggie spending the night last night!


Connie McWhorter said...

What a WONDERFUL time of the year!!! I am so happy that our grandchildren love to perform. What fun!!! Love you all, Nanny