Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Weekend Get Away

Over Memorial Day weekend, we headed up to the farm, with my parents and my nephews. We love going there any chance we get! The drive is just close enough for Conn to drive back and forth for weekend services, but, far enough away to feel like you are actually "getting away".

Heading to the lake
My dad would go out fly fishing, as the sun was coming up, every morning. He's crazy like that! :) But, he did catch us enough fish for an amazing fish fry.

Pappy showing the kids his "flies".

Yes, he caught more than just those 3.
Everyone got to help batter the fish
Frying them up

Mammy taught all the kids how to shuck corn

Chilling after a fun day
I have a picture of both of the girls taking baths in this sink. So, of course, I had to get one of Cash, too.

The next day, we went on an adventure! Little did we know that we were going to get stuck in a huge rain storm. That's what makes adventures fun...right?
Lily is now old enough to open all the gates that we have to pass through. She loves it!

Playing in the creek

These boys LOVE their girl cousins (all 5). But, they are soooo happy that Cash is finally here. Now, they just can't wait for him to grow up!

More adventures!

Flying kites. Can ya see it in the sky?

Cash's newest trick. If only he could get the arms to move with the legs.

They played kick ball for hours. I don't know who had more fun...Conn or the kids!

Maggie's newest face. HA!

This is SO their personalities!!!

We did some dancing out on the back porch

I told ya they LOVE each other!

The boys would take the girls and just go off walking . We caught them trying to figure out how to get pass the barb wire . They finally got to the other side...with out getting poked.
Pure yumminess!!


Goska said...

The farm is just amazing! You had to have a lot of fun:)

Angie Seaman said...

How fun! That looks like it was a blast. What an adventure. My husbands grandparents live on a farm and its always such a treat to take the kids there for a day and let them run wild. :)

Blessings, Angie

Callie said...

this looks l like so much fun!!!

Heidi said...

How fun! You guys are always doing great stuff! Memory builders for sure.

Julie Marler said...

We had so much fun that weekend! The kids are so much fun at the farm! Not much to worry about - 'cept just playin'!!!

Lindsey said...

SO FUN!!!!

Amy said...

I love the farm! Glad you guys had fun.

Toni said...

How fun! I love the country!