Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lily's Preschool Graduation

Yes. It is already June and summertime is in full swing! But, we had so many May happenings, that I am just now getting around to posting these. :)


Lily had her preschool graduation. She will officially be in kindergarten in the fall, and we are all SO excited. Hard to believe that her preschool days are over.

Waiting for their class to be called

They got to walk down the isle one-by-one
Sweet teachers
Lily Belle the graduate!
Cash enjoyed a sucker during the ceremony
Sweet friend, Elizabeth

They sang some songs for us. Lily's a little shy. HA!!!
Lily's graduation was also the day of our 9th anniversary
They had a small reception afterwards with cake and punch
Lily's teachers made her an awesome scrapbook and gave her a sand bucket full of fun treats
Sweet friends, Elizabeth and Hannah
Mammy got to join in on the festivities
Of course, the boy got to tag along as well :)
We love you, sweet Lily Belle!!

Stay tuned for some more May happenings......


Janet said...

So precious! Tell sweet Lily Belle I am so proud of her. I'm sure she was the smartest and prettiest little graduate there (and I am not at all biased).
I love you all!

Rusty and Jennifer said...

Wow, what a big girl! She looks so beautiful (as always)!

Heidi said...

So sweet! Looking forward to your other May posts!

Toni said...

She is just too cute! Way to go Lily Belle!

Our Family said...

Congratulations Lily from Blog Land!!

Goska said...

Congratulations Lily Belle:)

Genie Marie said...

Congrats to the graduate. I love her flower headband...and yours. Too cute:)

annalee said...

what a fun milestone! and precious face in every single picture.

Julie Marler said...

Cutest graduate in a purple grad cap that I have ever seen! Really LOVE the flowers you are both wearing!! Whoever made them must be VERY creative ???!!!