Monday, August 25, 2008

Two Post's In One

One Man's Trash...Another Man's Treasure

My mom and I (along with the girls) scored these finds at some garage sales a couple of weeks ago. We have always loved garage sales and have gone to them for as long as I can remember. Some are good, some are great, and some...well, you do the quick drive by. We have it down to an art!

I bought 29 pieces of clothing for Cash for just $12.25! Yes, I said 29 things!!!!! These weren't just any clothes, these were from Janie and Jack, Baby Gap, Children's Place, and Gymboree.

We then went to an Estate Sale and found some old record albums. We are decorating Cash's room in a vintage guitar/music theme. We are going to have a wall with a group of album covers hanging on it.

Our last stop was at a storage building where a man was cleaning out his storage unit. Crazy, I know. He just had a sign put up in front of the storage buildings. We weren't expecting to find much, but all of the items were beautiful pieces of antique furniture. Conn and I have been looking for two bed side tables for probably the whole 8 years we have been married. We never wanted to spend much, so when I came across these, I couldn't resist. I bought BOTH pieces for $125!

No, we didn't purchase these two girls. :) I figured since they were such troopers, I had to add them in on this post as well!

Just Chillin'

I walked in the living room the other day, and this is seriously how I found my Lily Belle watching T.V. It made me laugh. Describes her personality perfectly!

She caught me taking her picture. :)


Callie said...

ok - you are such a good shopper! I can't wait to see his room!!

Tricia said...

How do you find these garage sales?? SO cute Lily watching T.V. - mine rarely watch T.V. right side up - it must look better upside down?

Julie Marler said...

Had so much fun going to garage sales! We haven't done this in quite a while - but when we do - we usually hit it big! Guess I better say I got lots of dress-up clothes for all 5 granddaughters for under $10 (mostly evening dresses and left-over bridemaid dresses!!) and some fun dress-up high heels! Even found a big overstuffed chair w/ottoman which I got the price down to $50! I'm going to have it recovered for about $200 - still only $250 for a great deal! We just drive around looking for signs. Since The Woodlands do not allow garage sales - we have to go to some other areas.
Lily does love her TV and does quite amazing tricks while watching!

Colwell Family said...

So when are we going garage selling next? I so need you to come over to my new house and help me decorate! I'm decorating challenged in this big house with TALL ceiling!! HELP!

Janet said...

You are the pro! I love the tables - and the albums are going to be so cute.

Love you,

Lindsay Miller said...

Great finds! I love those chests you are going to use for bedside tables. Marty and I are the same. We have been married over 6 years and we STILL do not have bedside tables. We use random chests and tables that don't match...oh well...when we can find ones as beautiful and inexpensive as the ones you did, we will be all over them. And I LOVE the idea of doing Cash's room in vintage guitar and music stuff...I may have to steal that idea if I ever have a boy...but I'm not holding my breath for that one! :)

Liz said...

cute ideas! (and really cute girls!)
very jealous of the nightstands/dressers!!
are you going to paint them or leave them?
either way..they are cool, and functional storage.

do you and your mom ever go to Roundtop? I've never been...wondering if its a good place to find good deals or not?
most of the garage sales around here get picked over really early (like 30min after they start!)

Tara Powell said...

love the finds....I need to do that. I am going to Round Top next month and am super pumped. Hopefully I can find some good, cheap stuff. I am used to Canton, so it will be a change!

The Barfuss Family said...

Hi Ashley. Thanks for stopping by and saying hi!

Yes, I do teach Kindergarten at Sampson!!! What a small world. What grades are your nephews in?

This is a long shot, but did your mother-in-law use to teach at Millsap? If so, she would know me and my siblings (the crow kids).

Your girls are so precious!! I loved looking at your pictures.

ChrissyK said...

Awww, great idea for decorating Cash's bedroom. If you can believe it...we thought about doing that same idea in Micah's room. Dont know why that is...maybe it is because the daddys are guitar players. :) Instead...even though it is a tight tie...we ended up choosing the old-school Astros theme.

Bethany said...

Oooh I love the vintage guitars/music idea! Can't wait to see it!

Greg and Joy Ryan said...

the room is going to be so cute--btw I have lots of boy clothes I can lend you-just let me know if you want to use them:)

Amanda said...

oh my gosh! seriously! you could make some serious cash shopping for other people!

AND my friend Jennifer who kind of knows your best friend from The Heights said that her other good friend knows you. Her name is Lauren and she's about to move to Mexico. ring a bell?

whitney said...

Love your garage sale interest :) And let me know when you have yours so I can come shop :)