Monday, August 4, 2008

Garner isn't a's a lifestyle.

We just got in at 5:00 tonight from another Garner State Park vacation with my family. We spent 5 days on the Frio river. I think this was our 16th year. We used to do the whole camping thing inside of the actual park, but now we live it up down the road in a 5 bedroom/5 bathroom cabin. GLORIOUS!!!!! This has been our biggest group since my brothers and I have all been married.

Mammy and Pappy- 2
Brandon, Sharla, 3 girls, & two nannies - 7
Dustin, Kelly, 2 boys + friend, Kelly's sister + friend - 7
Conn, Me, 2 girls- 4

Total - 20

It was a great week. Loud and crazy, but fun! We played on the river, had talent night out on the patio, went to the Garner dances, ate s'mores, played spades, had picture night, and laughed a lot. Thanks Mom and Dad, for another great year!

Oh, all of the green shirts are a new thing that Conn had the wonderful idea of starting. I guess it goes back to all of his days as a student pastor and having to have a shirt for every event. :) They were a big hit, and I think a new tradition for the many years to come.

The Frio

The Dance

Hanging Out

Talent Night and S'Mores

Family Picture Night


adrianicole said...

Ahh, I just figured out how to leave comments...and I read all of mine...I'm still a new blogger!! I love your blog, its so much fun to check out. I wish I had more time to play on the computer...this mom stuff is hard. I love it though.
Your girls are just precious, I was just telling Alyssa how cute they are, oh my gosh!! Garner looked like so much fun. Y'all have a sweet family!! I hope you are feeling good...ttyl!

Janet said...

It looks like so much fun! Lily Belle looks like a dancing machine.
Those babies are just too sweet.

Love you all so much,

Amy said...

That looks like a lot of fun. I love the t shirt idea!

The Peterson's said...

Your family looks like TONS of fun and your girls are precious. Have I told you that before? You always have such great pics of them- and I love the coordinating outfits and bows. I just wish Riley would get enough hair for some of those!

Julie Marler said...

OOHHHH! Love our "Garner" week every year! It has changed every year (usually with a new baby!) and has always been fun! Your pictures all turned out great! We LOVED the t-shirts!! We'll definitely have to start that as a "new" tradition! Cause you know we do have a lot of those traditions!!!
Love, Mammy

Toni said...

How fun! Your family is so precious!

Amanda said...

you guys are like poster people for how to take lots of vacations and look like supermodels! SO fun and no I'm not pregnant... haha...

Sarah S said...

Next year you can make your reservations for 21, i'll be joining you! Okay okay 22, and i'll bring Meggers! I'm so glad y'all had a great trip! I love your family traditions!!

Anonymous said...

It looks like you all had a blast. How fun! I miss going there so much! But I don't miss the scorpions. Ha! Love you guys!

Lacey said...

Lily looks a lot like Dustin in that picture with him. Looks like you guys had a great time. Love the shirts.

Abby said...

What a fun trip!!! Your girls are precious!

Callie said...

holy cow you put a TON of pics on here? How did you do that? Have you found a way to add more than 5 at a time? Craziness.

Your trip looked like so much fun! It seems like yesterday I was at Garner with you crying about some boy that I kissed at the dance - HAHA!

I miss you! Can we go to dinner soon??

Tiffany said...

HOW FUN!! Your pictures are GREAT! Conn McWhorter, you still crack me up!

jillhaywood said...

Ashley you family is so beautiful. Your girls are darling and they always look picture perfect with the precious matching outfits and I love the big bows!!!!! Great family pictures! Tell your brothers hello!
Love catching up with you guys through the blog!

The Knowles Family said...

I'm currently up for adoption if you're looking for another addition to your amazing family--but only if you take me to Garner with you!!

What an awesome tradition!!!! Love the pics!

whitney said...

Awesome - we always did Garner when I was a kid and now we are joining my sis next year for the girl's first time!!! After looking at your pics, I CAN'T WAIT!