Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Conn was off today, so we went with a group of friends to Pump It Up. We had a very fun- filled morning!!! Hope your St. Patrick's Day was just as lucky! :0)

Kiss me - even though we're not Irish! :0)

The boys - Conn & Rory

Lexie, Conn, & Maggie

Sweet friends!

Carly & Rory - yes, she had a c-section one month ago!

Cole, Cade, & Lily - we LOVE our cousins!


Carly O'Quinn said...

Thanks for the C-section shout-out, Ash!!! :o)

What a fun day!

Ashley McWhorter said...

Carly- you just seem to amaze me (all of us) more and more everyday!!! You are truly a rock star mom!!! :)

Lindsay said...

Where is the picture of you going down the slide??? Your girls are so cute! I love their matching outfits.

Yeah, Carly is a Rock Star Mom, she makes us all look so bad! :) She must be secretly taking Ritilin...or speed...or something! :)

(I'm just kidding, we know you're not self medicating Carly!)

Tara said...

Hey! Love the blog! Glad to hear/see that your family is doing well. I put your link on my page so I could keep up. I love this blog thing, it helps me keep up with so many friends!

Toni Amend said...

Pump it Up Rocks, can't wait until Kate is old enough, looks like we really missed out!
I have a friend from college that is really good friends with Kap and Wendy, she just posted a message on my blog when she saw your family's blog under my favorites! Small world!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ashley,
I don't think I ever had the chance of meeting you but I went to school and church with Conn in Lubbock. I saw your post on Matt Carr's blog and thought I would get in touch. Please tell Conn I said hi and it would be great to catch up!
Marcie Stowell

Abby said...

Your girls are too cute!! Looks like you all had lots of fun! Oh...I found your blog off your facebook profile! :)