Friday, November 9, 2012

Little of this and A LOT of that.

How is it already November? Where did October go? Whoosh, that was fast!

As are most families this time of year, we are busy, busy...

Storybook parade at the girls' school 

Horse Crazy Lily

Julie - American Girl Doll

Trunk or Treating at Nanny and PawPaw's church

Cash is going to be FOUR in about 3 weeks! This dude is SO hard, but SO stinking funny!

Littlest pumpkin

Captain Hook showed up in my backseat one day.


40 years old, or 40 years young?

Sideline seats to our very first Texans game!! Not a bad date night!

Sonic drink after school surprise!

Muffins with Mom

Happy Fall, y'all!

Love seeing this little face staring back at me while driving.

Sisters, Sisters...


Afternoon snuggles.

Another fabulous Fall baking day in the books!

Forks are fun!

Team day. Making their daddy proud!

Hat day.

Someone found the stash of chocolate.

It was a hoodie kind of day.

Only thing I like about cold days, sitting by this all day long.

SUPER fun birthday party!

Best buds!

Happy Birthday, Weston!

Oh, 3rd grade homework, you're killing us!

Someone has discovered crayons.

Blue eyed baby.

 Bath time in the middle of the afternoon? Sure. Why not?

Fun times hosting girls game night.

Bat brothers.

Oh, happy Thursday. Free chicken minis for the kids and a cold diet coke for mama! 


Melt me.

Giddy up, horsey

Lily's first race! So proud of her!

Someone has finally joined the gang.

Oreos at 11 o'clock at night only mean one thing...sleepover! 

He loves him some donut holes!

Hanging on the porch with this cutie...

13 years ago, on Oct. 29th, we got engaged. Thank you, Lord, for every bit of this crazy adventure!


Brandi said...

Aw, you guys are too cute!!! ok, my boys turns 4 in 4 weeks....sad!!!!!I'm a Red Raider, hard living in Austin, everyone bleeds orange..ugh!! Your house is too cute. Love the colors and big front porch. Looks like the neighborhood next to ours. Moving on to Thanksgiving...crazy!

Anonymous said...

- Margaret

Janet said...

Could y'all be any cuter? Seriously, the whole family. Love those McWhorters!

Joan Ark said...

I love your blog!

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