Sunday, September 30, 2012

Our Season

We're here! Just really, really busy! I thought when school started and routines returned, our crazy life would somewhat slow down. Ha! Not so much!! Between school, LOTS of homework, piano and voice, car line, making lunches, picking out and ironing clothes, keeping a house clean, feeding 4 kiddos, bath time, bed time, bible studies, church, working out, and everything else I may have forgotten. Whew! We just try to live day by day and stay somewhat sane. This is just a season! Conn and I remind ourselves of that daily! We lean on one another and laugh a lot. A whole lot! 

I love this post by Lysa TerKeurst. It spoke to me so much!

Now...for a huge iphone dump. If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, then you have seen most of these. I'm sorry. :)

My girl is growing up.

Cash loves to wear his hat backwards. I admit...I love it! :)

He's all about books these days.

The bigs went to the dentist. A+ for all 3! Yay!

Love small town finds. 

We cheered on cousin Chloe at her softball game.

My parents got brave one morning, and took all 5 grandgirls to breakfast.

89 wonderful years! Most precious grandmommy you'll ever meet!

He melts me.

Playing school in the garage. A rare moment when they're actually getting along. ;)

Quite possibly, my favorite thing that he does.

1 year well visit...22lbs 30in. My tiniest baby.

Besides being a Prayer and Care Pastor, Conn also leads worship on the weekends for the 5th and 6th graders. 

Love finding these little treasures around the house.

This fun stage has begun. Oh, joy!

Lily and I attended a Secret Keeper Girl Live conference. If you have a daughter between the ages of 8-12, I suggest that you make it a priority for you and your daughter to go. So, so good!  

Making the most out of the girls car line. 

He speaks my love language.

I love him!

Favorite part of our day? When daddy comes home for lunch!

Lily memorized the Preamble. 

Yay, for jean weather!

In 33 years, this is my first cup of coffee.  True story.

Love our nightly strolls. 

Loving this bible study. SO good!! 

Nap time hair at its best.
 He's a happy baby.

How long do you think we could live on apple juice and butter? Hmmm...

DQ Country. Mmmmm...

We spend lots of time together. :)

Nothing sweeter.

 Someone's daddy has a B-I-G birthday this week!

Life is busy. Life is good. We are blessed!


Tanni said...

Love seeing all your pictures. Busy is our season too...trying to enjoy it each day. :)

Misty Straley said...

Your kids are so precious! I cannot believe that's your first cup of coffee...four kids later!!!! Girl, you've been missing out! :)