Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Summer Fun

This summer has been full of various camps and church vacation bible school's. My kids LOVE to be on the go and involved in activities. So, I found as many as I could find to enroll them in. A lot of them were free, so that was a huge bonus!!

Lily went to her very first church camp at the beginning of June. I was so excited for her to go! I loved camp and went every year growing up!
(Packed each days outfit in a separate baggie. Brilliant idea!)

It was for 4 nights/5 days. Conn, being a pastor, was asked to go and lead worship during the services. Although he and Lily rarely saw one another, I am so glad that they were able to be there together. She had the greatest time and is already counting down the days until next summer! I love that she loves new experiences and isn't the least bit hesitate about jumping into new situations. I was so not that way, and missed out on so many fun things growing up! She definitely got her outgoingness from her daddy! :)

We went to see them off. (Maggie was at cheer camp.) It was early morning, but it was so H-O-T!!!!

Lily and her sweet friend, Lillian.

I loved getting random pics of my girl throughout the week. Perks of your hubby being at camp! 

 The boys and I took a little road trip and went to camp for the day. We had a blast! 

 Rhett was loved on by many of the counselors.

They're home!! Thankful she had such an amazing time and a life changing week! She said the only thing she missed was her bed! Ha! Love that!! :)

 While Lily was at church camp, Maggie, went to cheer camp. She was in heaven!! On the last day, they performed a little show for us that included cheers and a dance. Very cute!

They attended a VBS with their cousin's one week. Such a blessing that the 5 girls' are all the same ages and that we live minutes away from them!

While the girls' are busy having fun, the boys' and I run errands and hang out.

Both girls attended Destiny Sports camp at a local church. Lily signed up for basketball and Maggie did soccer. They had an awards ceremony and family fun night the last day. It was SO well done and the girls not only learned about each sport, they had SO much fun as well!


These are only a few of the activities that they've been involved in. I love, that they love, being SO involved! Makes my heart happy that they're SO social!

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Connie McWhorter said...

I see more and more of Conn in Rhett. Let's just hope he's not half as crazy as his daddy!
Love you all, Nanny