Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Park Play

It was gorgeous outside today! I think it got up to 72. We actually have the A/C running right now because the kids said they were hot upstairs in their rooms at bedtime. I love Texas!

The boys and I took advantage of this beautiful day and met Conn at the park for lunch and to play.

Cash was in heaven! Daddy and playing outside are just about the 2 greatest things to him!

Rhett loved it, too! It was actually his first time to ever go to the park!

Cash took Rhett down the slide. I think it both freaked them out a little! Poor 4th baby! Ha!

First swing ride. He LOVED it!

Love my boys! All 3 of them!


The Parrish's said...

I am super jealous of your beautiful weather!! I couldn't believe it when I read the A/C is on. NOT fair! I love your blog. Thank for sharing your cute family!!

Lacey said...

What fun!!! And you look TINY!!! You sure you have a baby????

Callie said...

love it! the picture of Cash taking Rhett down the slide made me pee in my pants. That's sooo true about baby #4!

Kristyn said...

My boy loves those two things too :) We had super awesome weather today and definitely spent it at the park. Glad you guys are having great weather!

Anonymous said...

It had to be really fun:) You look great! Maggie.

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