Saturday, October 8, 2011


We are on week 4 of having 4 kids. I think we are finally getting the hang of this whole thing. Someone asked me last week how do I get through every day? I laughed and said I have no idea! Ha! Honestly, though, I think we are surviving day by day with a lot of humor and a lot of prayer! Thankfully, Rhett is an amazing baby! We are just so beyond tired at times. You think by the 4th baby you would get used to this no sleep thing.

This precious love is 4 weeks old today! He has been smiling since the beginning of the week. I finally caught it with my iphone.

The girls had Donuts with Dad on Tuesday at school. They all love this event. Not only does Conn get to eat breakfast with his girls, he also gets to hang out with all his buddies that are dads too!

Rhett finally got to have a real bath! He LOVES bath time!

This big brother has become so grown up since his baby brother has arrived! He has been nothing but loving and helpful towards Rhett. Such a huge blessing! He is also SO stinking funny!

Someone celebrated their last year in their 30's this week...and, it wasn't me! :)

The girls also had Walk to School day. They love this event, too!

This is how I get most of my work done around the house. Such a sweet little helper! :)

Oh, isn't this just yummy?!

This is my life.
It is full.
It is so, so good. :)


Lacey said...

Love the post! Rhett is so sweet. Hope Conn had a great birthday, and LOVE, LOVE, the last picture. Only thing missing is YOU!

Julie Marler (Mammy) said...

What a life full of blessings! God has been good to you sweet girl!!!

Brandi said...

Such sweet pics!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

God bless all of you.

Ashley Fisher :) said...

SUCH a sweet post!!