Sunday, May 16, 2010

This, That & Then Some

Hey! Sorry I haven't updated in a while. Things are crazy right now. Good, but crazy! Pretty sure life will be crazy for the next few years with 3 kids so close in age and a husband that is in the ministry and does not work normal hours or days. This is our life and I love it...most of the time! HA!

May 20, we will celebrate our 10th anniversary! Now, THAT is crazy! Ha!

Okay, so I am going back a little ways to Maggie's b-day. Yes, I know it was in April. But, I totally forgot to post these and this here blog is the only baby/kid book that I keep. So, I wanted to make sure to document these.

We continued our usual birthday tradition and woke her up with donuts and candles! Lily was so excited about her sisters b-day! Please excuse her crazy hair and no jammies! She is into this new phase where she takes them off at night and even at nap time. The hair? There is absolutely NO explanation!!! HA!

She actually had school on the day of her b-day, so Conn and I took cookies up to her school. She specifically asked for pink cookies with sprinkles. So, that's what the girl got!

Maggie, also shares a b-day with her precious cousin, Campbell! Campbell turned 3! So, we always make sure that we celebrate with the two of them and the families. I love the times that the cousins are able to be together. Such great memories!


My parents, took 4 out of the 5 grand daughters, to see the play, Cinderella. It was being put on by our local Christian Youth Theatre (CYT - Houston). Cousin Campbell, got sick at the last minute, so they invited our sweet friend, Lexie, to come along for the fun night! To say the girls were excited, would be a HUGE understatement. They all dressed as Cinderella Princesses and had a spectacular time! After wards, they went to Mammy and Pappy's to spend the night! I don't know who was more excited. Us or all of the girls?! HA!

Thank you, Mammy and Pappy, for such a special evening for all our girls!


Okay, I think I have done enough updating for now. Hope you all have a marvelous Monday! Until next time...


Lacey said...

Love it!! Maggie looks like her sister more and more. Especially in these pictures. Sorry I got your anniversary wrong. I thought I was being good with Mammy's facebook post last weekend. But we ran into Conn and he told us it was this week. Hope you have a great anniversary. Hard to believe 10 years! Congrats!

Jo said...

I love your girls!! They are so sweet and Happy Anniversary! Lets get together soon and catch up.

Heather said...

Oh girl, the girls look like they had a blast with all the dress up and parties! Love it! I love the happy birthday donut in the bed!! That is a great picture of you, Conn, and Maggie!! Precious!

The Guess Family said...

We have a Christian youth theatre here, called Audience of One. We have been going to their plays for a little over a year. THEY ARE AMAZING!!! I am signing Addison up for their camp this summer. I hope she loves participating as much as we have loved watching. :)

stacy said...

Lexie had such a great time at the Cinderella Play. Thanks so much for including her. She LOVES your girls so much!

Anonymous said...

Her bed hair- hilarious!! What a sweet tradition! (no pun intended) I can't wait to make our own traditions!