Friday, April 3, 2009

1/2 way 5K

Tomorrow, we will be participating in a 5k to support this awesome little man...
You can read more about James' story, here.

Come on out and join us! :)


Julie Marler said...

We can't be there in body - but we are there in spirit and prayer! Way to go James! We praise God for all He is doing in your life!

Jaclyn said...

ok...i was trying to get ready yesterday morning and decided i needed advice from my blog friend Ashley :)
how in the world do you get ready in the mornings? Do you shower the night beore? What are your kids doing while you get ready? I have been putting tv shows on for Grace, but just wondering if you have a secret?! :) Sooner or later i am sure i will figure this 2kid thing out!

Stacy said...

I found your blog over at Rhonda's. You have a beautiful family:) Good luck with the 5K