Sunday, September 7, 2008

Blessings Of A Blog

Since I have entered this blog world, I have "met" some wonderful people. One of those being, my new friend, Amanda. I can't remember how we met or where we came across one another's blogs, but somewhere along the road, a friendship began. The funniest thing about our friendship, is that we have never "met" in person. We "talk" almost daily through email, facebook, and our blogs. We know many of the same people and have discovered that our lives intertwine a great deal. It is crazy, I tell ya'! We don't even live that close. She is in the Dallas area. One of these days, we will meet in person. When we do, I promise to have pictures to prove it! :)

But...until then, I just had to show you this awesome onesie that she bought and mailed to me, for Cash. Isn't it the coolest?! Conn and I love it, and we can't wait to take a pic of our sweet little man wearing it, to post here on the blog.

Thank you so much, Amanda! You are so sweet and I am so blessed to call you my friend.

Won't it be perfect with a pair of camo shorts?! :)


Amanda said...

Yay!!! I'm so excited that you like it! Cash is going to look so precious in that!! I'm so glad we're friends :)

Jaclyn said...

adorable! If we have a baby boy i so want to dress him in clothes like you have for baby Cash! No smocking for little boys in my family :) Even if I wanted smocking on our son I am pretty sure my husband would say no! :)
The onesie is adorable though. Yay for blog friends!

Lorren said...

The funny thing is Amanda is friends with my high school friend, Jennifer, who lives in Wylie. I've actually met Amanda! Small world.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Can't wait to see if he looks like Dad!
I saw Conn at Dot Hill's memorial and told him to tell you hi! We miss seeing all of Steve's and Kathryn's friends, but thankfully you blog!
Joyce Aylor

Tanni said...

You are going to love having a boy(just as much as your girls)! I can speak from experience since I have 3. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I literally just had a conversation with Ashley Hall about running into you at church. I have also peaked at your blog here and there. When you have a chance, will you e-mail me I wanted to ask you some questions about your small group. :)


Mike and Jess Richey said...

LOVE the outfit!! How fun!

I have tagged you on my blog! Check it out!

Kristyn Laughter said...

Hey girl!!! I love the shirt! Dressing boys is fun, but I still hope that one day I will have a girl.

By the way--I tagged you on my blog :)

Jene' Byrom said...

Hello Ashley! I got your blog site from Callie's blog and I have enjoyed reading your blog and seeing the pictures of your beautiful family. I'm so happy for you and that you are expecting a boy! I just wanted to say hello. Also, thank you so much for all your prayers for John. Hope to see you sometime when we are up in Houston! Take care! Love, Jene'